Nov 22, 2017

My design crushes at blickfang Zürich 2017

If you’re living in Switzerland and are interested in discovering the latest trends in fashion, textile, furniture, home goods and more, chances are you already know about the blickfang design fair. I have been going to this fair for a couple of years now and always discover some new things that pique my interest. Have a look at my selection in 2014 because good design never goes out of style (and some of these brands are really big now!). The exhibition was held in a new location in Zurich, the Stage One in Oerlikon. Have a look below and discover my design crushes at the blickfang 2017 in Oerlikon/Zurich.

Imke Disselhoff

For me, accessories like shoes and handbags must be of really nice quality, so it’s definitely not about quantity for me. To be honest, for me leather has always been the only option when it comes to good quality accessories. But it’s true that we often don’t know where the leather comes from, how it has been treated and what effects production methods can have on the environment and the people crafting our accessories. So, I was really happy to have discovered a brand that makes honest, sustainable product: DISSELHOFF. The brand is based in Basel, Switzerland and the talented designer Imke Disselhoff makes beautiful and functional brands with organic leather. Furthermore, the fair requirements apply not only to leather production itself but also the organic requirements for livestock breeding. One step in the right direction of ethical fashion without compromising style.

Louisa Goldman

Louisa Goldman’s whimsical porcelain designs immediately caught my eye. You can see that this young and talented Swiss lady puts a lot of love into her work, which you can see in the intricate details. If you’re interested in learning the art of ceramics, Louisa offers workshops in St.Gallen. Unfortunately too far for me but check her website for more information if that’s something you’d be interested in.

Glaslabor by Rahel Koller

The laboratory inspired vases by Rahel Koller from Bern were admired by many - her exhibition area was always packed. I guess lots of people love her minimalist and simple approach. Rahel is a skilled glassblower and her designs beautifully display blooming bulbs like hyacinth or amaryllis. So pretty!

My other design crushes were the ingenious wooden tables by Lignum Arts, which are really impressive when you see them up close.

If you love Nordic design and minimalist and special everyday home goods, you will love Norkind. From stationery, home & living to bath & beauty they offer a wide range of products. When I visited their shop in Zurich I wanted to buy everything in it, seriously. Right now I am especially loving their beautiful wall art, which would add a special touch to my home office. If you’re not in Zurich, have a look at their online shop.

Save the date for the next blickfang design fair, where you can discover some of these and other designers’ creations: 

Blickfang Bern: November 24 – 26, 2017

For more information, visit the blickfang website.


Oct 29, 2017

New addition to my fig scented products

Some notes hold a special place in my heart, and the smell of fresh leaves is one of them. 
The fruit itself, which I’ve grown to appreciate, reminds me so much of my late grandmother. She would always insist on giving me fresh figs for my commute during my internship in Istanbul many years ago. The ones we get to buy in stores in Switzerland usually come from Turkey, which always puts a smile on my face as I get this sense of nostalgia for my homeland. So these two products are the newest addition to my fig scented products.

Philoyskos by Diptyque 
My husband’s birthday present this year was this beautiful perfume, which was on my wishlist for a long time. This is not the sweet fruit but rather the thick, green fig leaves and the milky liquid. I have been wearing this a lot in the summer of 2017.

Available at Niche Beauty or the Eau de Toilette version also via

Figue Noire Tabac Blond, room diffuser by Fragonard
I had to buy this when I visited the Fragonard museum in Grasse in September 2017 (by the way, I have a German travel diary about my trip in the South of France on my personal website. Let me know if you’d be interested to have it translated.) This warm scent is currently enveloping our apartment and it’s a nice olfactory memory of summer days past, especially now we’re having lots of grey fall days.

Available at Fragonard (also online)

If you are also a huge fig lover, check out these blog posts from our archive: 

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Aug 7, 2017

All time favorites from Caudalie

Caudalie is a brand I learned about a couple of years ago and fell in love immediately with their concept and their natural and viticultural approach to skincare. In case you'd like to read more about my first encounters with Caudalie, here are two blog posts for you: Four years ago, I wrote about the Crushed Cabernet Peeling and two years ago about their then newly-launched face masks, which are still a staple in my beauty cabinet.

This post is about the very first product I’ve bought from the brand: eau de beauté, also known as the Beauty Elixir, which celebrates its 20th birthday this month. It’s been so highly praised on all the beauty blogs I was reading at that time, so I purchased it to see what the hype was all about. Years later, it has made my top 3 of the brands products.

Designer collaborations and limited editions
The Beauty Elixir comes in a beautiful limited edition on its 20th birthday. The same formula has been given a unique bottle design by different designers until now. The first limited edition bottle I had bought was designed by the late L’Wren Scott in 2013. My favorite bottle design was by Jason Wu last year: so delicate and chic.

What it is and why I love it:
This is a luxurious must-have for me on a flight, especially long-haul distances. It does have a distinctive, herbal scent, so it might not be for everyone. I actually like the smell and find it very refreshing. I also use it to give my makeup a dewy finish, especially when I have applied powder.

What it is and why I love it:
This is one of the products I keep buying whenever I finish a bottle. I use it for a first cleanse and just love the delicate smell. It's so effective in removing most of my makeup, even my pesky almost waterproof mascara. Afterwards for my second cleanse I use a gel and my trusted Clarisonic. I find this the best combo to remove sunscreen and makeup and feel really clean afterwards.

What it is and why I love it:
My skin drinks this right up. To me, this is a very good everyday serum that's not sticky or oily. If you don't have any special needs like clearing up blemishes or anti-aging properties, this is an excellent serum to have in your beauty cabinet.

I can wholeheartedly recommend these products to anyone interested in trying out some products of this French brand. Now the only thing left for me is to book a trip to “Les Sources de Caudalie” their famous spa in Bordeaux. On my wishlist for a long time…

I know that lots of readers are unsure if all they see and read about on Social Media are ads. On Styleseeking Zurich we note when we have received products to test. The ones marked with a * are PR samples that have been sent to me unsolicited. There is no monetary compensation for a post unless stated otherwise.

Apr 17, 2017

Olfactory time travel

The way perfume has the power to evoke memories and places is incredibly fascinating to me. Ever since in high school I’ve read Proust’s “In search of lost time”, where the taste and smell of a madeleine conjures up childhood memories of the author, some part of me registered this monumental realization. At the time, I wasn’t interested in perfume, though.

It had all started with my first job, which happened to be in a perfumery. Where most people I knew complained about having headaches from all those smells, I started discovering a whole new world. This is where I learned about base notes, heart notes and top notes. About how to sample a perfume and the right ways to apply it (I still cringe when people rub their wrists immediately upon spraying a perfume). It was also a time in my life where I discovered things about myself, like for instance I soon found out that I will never be the woman who has a signature scent. Too vast was my playground and there was no way my gemini-nature could settle for a single perfume for a longer period of time.

Needless to say, my collection got bigger and bigger. Soon I noticed there were two aspects to how I chose a particular perfume: intrinsic factors like my mood, my fashion style or extrinsic like the seasons, the occasion and my surroundings. Niche perfume became also something I liked to buy as a souvenir for myself during vacations. Back home, whenever I spritzed the said perfume, it was like an instant time travel to these places.

In the Le Labo boutique in Nolita/New York, visited in 2014

Le Labo’s Labdanum 18 reminds me of the place I had purchases it : New York - loud, complex and always changing. For me, it’s a  rich spicy statement scent that I like to use in fall/winter.

Since then, I also started carefully choosing a new perfume for special occasions in my life. It has to be a new to me fragrance that I will only associate with that particular experience. The quest for my wedding day perfume was not an easy one. In the end, I settled for one that smelled the most “me” in summer and that would also work for our honeymoon.

Whenever I smell Tom Ford’s SOLEIL, I think of our wedding and the honeymoon in Zanzibar.

Those following me on Instagram, where I am more active than on this blog, have surely seen that I spent a dreamy vacation in Mexico a couple of months ago. I purposefully didn't bring any perfume with me, as I knew that I wanted to purchase one there. I have often read about Coqui Coqui, a perfumery in the Yucatan region of Mexico, and had already marked it as a must-visit place on my itinerary.

In the Coqui Coqui boutique in Mérida/Mexico, visited in February 2017

 With me being a huge coconut lover and our last destination being Tulum, I went for the Coco Coco scent. It’s inspired by the palm trees scattered along Tulum’s white sand beaches.

Imagine going to your perfume tray and smelling not only scents you love but re-living your most treasured memories? Once you experience this, you can't imagine any other way to approach perfume. 
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