Nov 13, 2016

Candles for chilly days

I love scented candles all year round, but there’s just something special in coming home after a long day, changing into something more comfortable and lighting a candle. These days it’s Honey Clementine from Yankee Candle, a perfect fit for late autumn days. It’s a fresh, slightly sweet seasonal scent that brightens up my mood.

My Yankee collection just keeps on growing, because the scents really deliver and they offer great value for their price. You can get them either via their Swiss website or at Manor. 
I’m saving up Icicles for when it gets even colder but I have a feeling I will love the cinnamon notes in this one a lot. 

Which candles are you burning right now? I’m always keen on trying new scents… 

 Enjoy your Sunday! 
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