Oct 7, 2016

Tea, cookies, candles, furry socks and online shopping

Tea, cookies, candles, furry socks and online shopping pretty much sums up my weekend plans. Call me boring all you like, but I need a break. My harlequin marble candle holders that I got on Westwing a few month ago will provide the right ambience for a snuggly night in. This candle set is one of my favorite decor piece at my place. For now I pair them with plain white taper candles. If I manage to find some minty ones, I will definitely go for them. Marble, gold and pastel sounds perfect to me.

In my previous blog I showed you my make up vanity and told you that I just moved in. I really enjoy decorating my space and since I don't want any clutter, I'm very picky when it comes to decorative items. I like to keep it tidy and simple - these candle holders exactly represent my taste in home decor.

Let's recite my weekend plan:

1. Sipping tea from a giant mug
2. Indulding myself with chocolate chip cookies
3. Surrounding myself with lots of candles
4. Wearing furry socks
5. Doing some online shopping

If number 5 is also on your weekend to do list, I might have something for you. Weswing would love to give our readers a discount code.

In this spirit, happy shopping and happy weekend everyone!


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