Jun 8, 2016

#breathenow in Mallorca with Weleda

A while ago I had the pleasure to head to the beautiful island of Mallorca with the delightful Weleda team and a group of bloggers. And let me just tell you upfront: I was extremely looking forward to this getaway. My days are full to the brim these days – with planning my wedding later this summer more than ever – so I was really in need of a mini retreat. Already knowing and loving their Soothing Almond Skin Care line, I was mostly intrigued to truly #breathenow – a concept and movement that is very dear to Weleda and myself as well.

During the two-day workshop led by the Weleda team and the creative mastermind Marisa Burn-Pichler (pictured above, the lovely lady with the hat) we were reminded to seek the extraordinary in the ordinary and always trying to be present in the now.

I mentioned a couple of times on the blog (here and also here) that I strongly believe in selfcare. On a regular basis, I make sure to create moments for myself to just #breathenow and enjoy my precious me-time. For me, sometimes this consists only of a couple of minutes where I make the most of my commute and listen to a meditation podcast or set intentions for the day. Other times I block out a couple of hours, where I indulge in an alkalizing detox bath (a new obsession of mine) with calm music and a candle. Afterwards I love using natural skin care: Mixing the almond oil with the bodylotion and gently massaging - rather than slapping it on as I usually do when in a hurry - makes me slow down and treat my body and soul the way it deserves.

If you’d like to learn more about this fantastic skin care line by Weleda, head to this page where you’ll find lots of information and tipps from my fellow bloggers. Also, disconnect from time to time. Sensory overload and over-stimulation in general make you sick in the long run, so remember to unplug. Because, as Anne Lamott put it so eloquently: 

 "Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes - including you."

Watch the video of this blogger retreat on Mallorca:

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