Mar 28, 2016

On wedding day perfume and the elegance of Lalique Rêve d'Infini

Fragrances are very special to me, yet I do something that makes them seem rather unimportant: I am not faithful and cannot imaging ever being. When it comes to a signature scent, that is... Other than that I'm engaged to be married this summer, so this is not that kind of a confession. But it is about a new fragrance that might be my perfume on this important day in a couple of months.  

 How many perfumes does a woman need? I don't know about you, but I do many. I asked this question often on Social Media or in my group of friends and the answers are almost  half-half: the ones whol love wearing (and being rememberer by) one single signature scent and the ones who keep switching, according to moods, occasion, an outfit, a special feeling that one wants to evoke... 

I'm not sure if this is the Gemini in me talking but everyday I can decide what kind of woman I want to be - and select my fragrance accordingly. Do I want to smell sexy, playful, or feminine? If I'm going to work I might reach to a clean scent that makes me feel professional and armed with a dose of poise. Then of course there are the seasons and weather conditions, comforting and warm scents for instance on a rainy day. I think you get the picture: the world of perfume with its inexhaustible choices never ceases to amaze me.

This leaves me constantly on the hunt for a new fragrance. Especially for my wedding day I'd like to wear a scent which I haven't worn before so everytime I sniff at it for the coming years, it reminds me of that special day and all those precious emotions. Since ours is going to be a destination wedding in France, I tend towards French perfume houses. 

When you think of gorgeous perfume bottles Lalique inevitably comes to mind. The French glasswear design house founded by artist, master ceramist and jeweler René Lalique. His partnership with Coty resulted in him designing never before seen flacons and the rest is history.  I already own Living Lalique, which is a rather masculine floral woody musk I like to wear for the office and other meetings. It's the perfect amount of unisex elegance (although it's a women's scent) with warm and powdery notes during the dry down. 

When I heared that a new perfume was coming out and heared that it's called "Rêve d'Infini" which means dream of infinity, I thought to myself just the description and name made it a perfect canidate for a wedding day scent. The bottle is true to Lalique very beautiful with art deco elements and an infinity sign around the neck of the flacon. So fitting, since my engagement ring is an eternity ring in rose gold.

The floral composition of this fragrance begins with fresh notes of bergamot, juicy litchi pulp and an absolute of white roses. I mostly smell the juicy fruity notes at this stage. The heart is described as a  combination of jasmine, rose, fruity nectar and freesia, and the duo of peach and cedar. Much later there is a hint of vanilla, musk and sandalwood, which leave their velvety mark on the base. It was created by perfumer Richard Ibanez, from whom I don't own any other perfume.  

 This is a lovely and feminine scent for spring/summer and I am sure everyone who likes floral scents should have a sniff at this. It's fresh, elegant and not overpowering, and at least on my skin it's very subtle that after a couple of hours I only get a very faint smell. 

Whether I choose this one to play a big part on my wedding day remains open - but I'll surely keep you posted. 


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Good luck!

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