Dec 31, 2016

A daily dose of all things beautiful

Wallet: Bally  Key chain: H&M  Lipstick: Yves Saint Laurent No. 206 Granat Satisfaction 
Sunglasses: c/o Edel Optics

Tomorrow I am leaving for Paris. 
I am really looking forward to being in the City of Lights on the very first day of 2017. It's been seven years since my last visit - how time flies.

Today is a time to reflect for me, as it's always the case when something comes to an end. Upon reading this post I wrote 2 years ago, there is one thing I am certain of: leading a mindful life indeed is a lifelong learning process.

It's safe to say that 2016 was my favorite year so far. Great things happened in my personal life that I'll cherish forever. It's hard to top once in a lifetime events like my 30th birthday or my wedding but as you all know, a happy life stems from daily, little things. We shouldn't wait for big things to happen to us. This year, I aim to live with ease.
Fullfilled, satisfied and content.

When preparing my bag for Paris I realized the contents of my purse are practical, yes, but also carefully selected objects that I enjoy the beauty of on a daily basis. The craftsmenship of a great wallet, the intricate flowers on my key chain... They remind me to appreciate quality, creativity and utility at the same time.

Declutter and appreciate the beauty around you. 
If you're anything like me, you don't clear out your handbag often enough. As I emptied its contents, dusted and cleaned my bag, I only put back in what I really like and need to carry around.

Do the same with your thoughts today.
Happy New Year!

Sunglasses: c/o Edel Optics


Nov 13, 2016

Candles for chilly days

I love scented candles all year round, but there’s just something special in coming home after a long day, changing into something more comfortable and lighting a candle. These days it’s Honey Clementine from Yankee Candle, a perfect fit for late autumn days. It’s a fresh, slightly sweet seasonal scent that brightens up my mood.

My Yankee collection just keeps on growing, because the scents really deliver and they offer great value for their price. You can get them either via their Swiss website or at Manor. 
I’m saving up Icicles for when it gets even colder but I have a feeling I will love the cinnamon notes in this one a lot. 

Which candles are you burning right now? I’m always keen on trying new scents… 

 Enjoy your Sunday! 

Oct 31, 2016

It's coffee o'clock

It's basically non-stop coffee o'clock for me over here in Seoul. There are too many pretty and unique coffee shops around I want to explore. It feels great to sit down and have a long chat with my Korean friends I haven't seen for a long time. What makes my stay even better is the chilly but sunny autumn weather. Thank god I brought my Rayban sunglasses with me.
Speaking of glasses - I just wanted to quickly let you guys know that Neslihan and I will be sharing soon our thoughts on ordering sunglasses online, which can be a tricky undertaking, and also might share how we style our pair of glasses we both got online at Edel-Optics. So stay tuned for that! Meanwhile, feel free to and head over to my Instagram account if you want to see what I'm up to in Seoul.

Glasses model: Rayban Round Metal from Edel-Optics
Wallet from Coach

Oct 7, 2016

Tea, cookies, candles, furry socks and online shopping

Tea, cookies, candles, furry socks and online shopping pretty much sums up my weekend plans. Call me boring all you like, but I need a break. My harlequin marble candle holders that I got on Westwing a few month ago will provide the right ambience for a snuggly night in. This candle set is one of my favorite decor piece at my place. For now I pair them with plain white taper candles. If I manage to find some minty ones, I will definitely go for them. Marble, gold and pastel sounds perfect to me.

In my previous blog I showed you my make up vanity and told you that I just moved in. I really enjoy decorating my space and since I don't want any clutter, I'm very picky when it comes to decorative items. I like to keep it tidy and simple - these candle holders exactly represent my taste in home decor.

Let's recite my weekend plan:

1. Sipping tea from a giant mug
2. Indulding myself with chocolate chip cookies
3. Surrounding myself with lots of candles
4. Wearing furry socks
5. Doing some online shopping

If number 5 is also on your weekend to do list, I might have something for you. Weswing would love to give our readers a discount code.

In this spirit, happy shopping and happy weekend everyone!


Sep 3, 2016

Nesli's bridal beauty prep

After a long absence due to very legitimate reasons (I got married - yay!) I'm back with a rather extensive post about my bridal beauty prep. In retrospect it looks like a lot of work (and products), but understandably it was a period in my life where I got even more serious with my beauty routine.

I'll talk through some of the products I used for my face and body, the things I wanted whiter, the things I wanted darker and so on. I genuinely love every product mentioned in this article. There is even a fabulous giveaway to win for you guys! So much going on - so let's dive right into it.

Face: Cleansing and Care for sensitive, break-out prone skin
I am a product junky, never using the same set of products for a long time. I feel like my skin needs something different every day, so I reach for different serums, moisturizers or masks. But what has been consistent in the last couple of months is this routine in the evenings:

Double cleansing with an oil based cleanser (I like the Body Shop Chamomile balm or Vichy's Pureté Themal Cleansing Micellar Oil), then my Clarisonic with a water based cleanser (at the moment I'm finishing up Vichy's Pureté Thermal Fresh cleansing gel). The latest brush head I bought is the "Radiance" one. Having tried the "Sensitive" and "Cashmere" heads, I have to say that "Radiance" is my favorite one because it's like a hybrid of these two. After these two steps, I have been using and loving Cremorlab's Mineral Treatment Essence. It's said that this product is great for helping with hydrating, brightening, smoothing your skin and skin texture. As I experience a mild dryness after my gel cleanser, this essence gives me back that comfortable feeling. I guess MiJi's flawfless face inspired me to embrace a multiple step routine like most Koreans do.

Next up I sometimes use a serum, these days it's Kiehl's Precision Lifting and Pore Tightening Concentrate. On top of that I'll use a moisturizer, at night it's usually Valmont's Expression Line Reducer Factor 1. To this routine I add a peeling and a mask twice weekly (currently Radical Express Delivery Enzym Peel and Caudalie Instant Detox Mask or Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing mask).

Professional Skin care
With the routine described above, I don't feel like I need to see a cosmetologist regularly. But when if not for your wedding would you consider seeing one? My thoughts exactly! So I went to a very quaint and pretty beauty salon called Élu cosmetics, a beautiful studio run by the equally pretty Claudia Bohnenberger. On a particularly hot day, right after my first wedding gown fitting, she totally pampered me with a summer-themed facial using Sothy's products. She's offering a variety of treatments including hair removal and eyelash lifting and I wholeheartedly recommend her to you. In fact, one of you lovely readers can win a facial of your choice at Élu Cosmetics. To enter the contest, go to Styleseeking Zurich's facebook page and just leave a comment under this post with your beauty tipp and I'll choose a winner September 12th, 8 pm. If you'd like to get the latest info on Élu Cosmetics, just like her Facebook page.

Giveaway open for Swiss residents only

A year ago, curious after reading this Goop article, I bought myself a natural bristle body brush. It never became a part of my daily routine but I still liked using it and the way it made my skin feel. I love making my scrubs myself (using ground coffee) and the only thing I did in preparation of my wedding was get a little bit of a tan. Work was so crazy so I could only take holidays after the wedding, so my tan – if one could call that, because looking back at the pictures I find myself rather pale -  came from Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster. I have the one for face and body respectively and like to mix a couple of drops into my moisturizer. To be honest, I find it does smell like a self tanning product, even if a little less than some other brands, so be aware of that. Post-wedding I'm using it to keep the "Just came back from honeymoon"-glow.

The only supplements I used to take for years were vitamin c and zink tablets, but a few months ago I wanted to experiment with some beauty related ones. I started taking supplements to strenghten my nails and help with my complexion. I have seen great results with Merz Spezial Dragees and have only recently started with Burgerdorf's Skin. You take one green capsule in the morning and an oil based one in the evenings. Luckily I was pretty happy with my skin at my wedding, but I had also refrained from consuming dairy products three weeks prior to my wedding. Needless to say I got a liiiitle carried away at the cheese buffet at my wedding reception.

Despite loving red wine and other vices I hope to kick someday, most people find that I have pretty white teeth. I had done a professional bleaching three years ago and ever since wanted to try and at-home version of this. Enter GlamWhite, an easy to use at home bleaching kit that comes with everything you need. After an initial hesitation (obviously there are lots of instructions to read for the first use) I found GlamWhite to be very convenient. I'm only on my second session (of the recommended five) but already see an improvement on the scale that came with it. Read more about the GlamWhite home bleaching kit on their website.  

A friend recently sent me a quote stating that lashes are the new boobs. The bigger the better - and I kind of agree. Here's the thing: I did my wedding make-up myself! Even if I had gotten married near where I live I wouldn't have hired a make-up artist, let alone for a destination wedding in a region I didn't know anyone. I've been doing my face for 15+ years, so I was confident about my decision. But one thing I don't trust myself is handling fake eyelashes, especially that they wouldn't come off after getting all emotional. Said friend suggested I use a lash growth serum she had started using herself called Revitalash. About 6 months ago I bought a tube myself and whoaaa have the results blown me away: only 2-3 weeks after daily use I started to see a difference, and by the time I was 3 months in, everybody started to notice it. From collegues at work, to sales assistants at beauty counters to strangers on the train - never have I been complemented that much on a feature. Get it here - you won't regret it!

That's it for now. Maybe I'll share my wedding day makeup products with you and even some pictures we received from our photographer. But in the meantime, if you're curious, you can have a look at my Instagram.



Jul 5, 2016

Win a splash of color

Good things come in small packages - like the new Masikura model by Freitag. Use it as a clutch, shoulder or crossbody bag, or simply as a pouch. They are compact but leave you enough room for all your essentials. And the most important part: They come in all unique color variations!

To make your summer a little bit more colorful and joyful, we are giving away two Masikura models of your choice!

Head over to our Instagram or Facebook post to find out how to enter the international giveaway open for everyone. The giveaway ends on Tuesday 12th of July, 2016.

We will choose two lucky winners.

(photo credit: no. 1 by Yves Bachmann, no. 2 by me, no. 3 by Oliver Nanzig)

Good luck!


Jun 8, 2016

#breathenow in Mallorca with Weleda

A while ago I had the pleasure to head to the beautiful island of Mallorca with the delightful Weleda team and a group of bloggers. And let me just tell you upfront: I was extremely looking forward to this getaway. My days are full to the brim these days – with planning my wedding later this summer more than ever – so I was really in need of a mini retreat. Already knowing and loving their Soothing Almond Skin Care line, I was mostly intrigued to truly #breathenow – a concept and movement that is very dear to Weleda and myself as well.

During the two-day workshop led by the Weleda team and the creative mastermind Marisa Burn-Pichler (pictured above, the lovely lady with the hat) we were reminded to seek the extraordinary in the ordinary and always trying to be present in the now.

I mentioned a couple of times on the blog (here and also here) that I strongly believe in selfcare. On a regular basis, I make sure to create moments for myself to just #breathenow and enjoy my precious me-time. For me, sometimes this consists only of a couple of minutes where I make the most of my commute and listen to a meditation podcast or set intentions for the day. Other times I block out a couple of hours, where I indulge in an alkalizing detox bath (a new obsession of mine) with calm music and a candle. Afterwards I love using natural skin care: Mixing the almond oil with the bodylotion and gently massaging - rather than slapping it on as I usually do when in a hurry - makes me slow down and treat my body and soul the way it deserves.

If you’d like to learn more about this fantastic skin care line by Weleda, head to this page where you’ll find lots of information and tipps from my fellow bloggers. Also, disconnect from time to time. Sensory overload and over-stimulation in general make you sick in the long run, so remember to unplug. Because, as Anne Lamott put it so eloquently: 

 "Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes - including you."

Watch the video of this blogger retreat on Mallorca:


Apr 27, 2016

Just wing it. Life. Eyeliner. Everything.

On a bad day, there is always lipstick...and a pretty vanity to sit at.
I always wanted an organized and appealing setup, where I can not only display my favorite beauty gems, but also actually do my makeup in a comfortable way. Now that I moved into a new place, I finally have a small space for a table. Instead of buying a very glamorous one (I always wanted a mirrored vanity), I opted for a small but sleek console.

Having a neutral setup allows you to decorate and play with colors and textures.
Since I have plain white walls and a white table, I instantly knew that I wanted a chinese inspired stool to be the focal point.

I was fortunate enough to find this lovely golden ceramic stool on Westwing. This is exactly how I imagined my setup - kinda neutral, kinda minimalistic, kinda girly.

If you want to see some of the bits and bobs that are sitting on my vanity, have a look here: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Should you be interested in home decor and furniture pieces, keep an eye out for the sales on Westwing and feel free to use this link for a discount code.

Do you have a makeup vanity at home? And how would your dream makeup corner look like?


Mar 28, 2016

On wedding day perfume and the elegance of Lalique Rêve d'Infini

Fragrances are very special to me, yet I do something that makes them seem rather unimportant: I am not faithful and cannot imaging ever being. When it comes to a signature scent, that is... Other than that I'm engaged to be married this summer, so this is not that kind of a confession. But it is about a new fragrance that might be my perfume on this important day in a couple of months.  

 How many perfumes does a woman need? I don't know about you, but I do many. I asked this question often on Social Media or in my group of friends and the answers are almost  half-half: the ones whol love wearing (and being rememberer by) one single signature scent and the ones who keep switching, according to moods, occasion, an outfit, a special feeling that one wants to evoke... 

I'm not sure if this is the Gemini in me talking but everyday I can decide what kind of woman I want to be - and select my fragrance accordingly. Do I want to smell sexy, playful, or feminine? If I'm going to work I might reach to a clean scent that makes me feel professional and armed with a dose of poise. Then of course there are the seasons and weather conditions, comforting and warm scents for instance on a rainy day. I think you get the picture: the world of perfume with its inexhaustible choices never ceases to amaze me.

This leaves me constantly on the hunt for a new fragrance. Especially for my wedding day I'd like to wear a scent which I haven't worn before so everytime I sniff at it for the coming years, it reminds me of that special day and all those precious emotions. Since ours is going to be a destination wedding in France, I tend towards French perfume houses. 

When you think of gorgeous perfume bottles Lalique inevitably comes to mind. The French glasswear design house founded by artist, master ceramist and jeweler René Lalique. His partnership with Coty resulted in him designing never before seen flacons and the rest is history.  I already own Living Lalique, which is a rather masculine floral woody musk I like to wear for the office and other meetings. It's the perfect amount of unisex elegance (although it's a women's scent) with warm and powdery notes during the dry down. 

When I heared that a new perfume was coming out and heared that it's called "Rêve d'Infini" which means dream of infinity, I thought to myself just the description and name made it a perfect canidate for a wedding day scent. The bottle is true to Lalique very beautiful with art deco elements and an infinity sign around the neck of the flacon. So fitting, since my engagement ring is an eternity ring in rose gold.

The floral composition of this fragrance begins with fresh notes of bergamot, juicy litchi pulp and an absolute of white roses. I mostly smell the juicy fruity notes at this stage. The heart is described as a  combination of jasmine, rose, fruity nectar and freesia, and the duo of peach and cedar. Much later there is a hint of vanilla, musk and sandalwood, which leave their velvety mark on the base. It was created by perfumer Richard Ibanez, from whom I don't own any other perfume.  

 This is a lovely and feminine scent for spring/summer and I am sure everyone who likes floral scents should have a sniff at this. It's fresh, elegant and not overpowering, and at least on my skin it's very subtle that after a couple of hours I only get a very faint smell. 

Whether I choose this one to play a big part on my wedding day remains open - but I'll surely keep you posted. 


Did you get curious to try this perfume yourself? 
We're giving away 3 x 30 ml flacons of this scent which is available as of now. 
To get a chance to win, go to our Facebook Fan Page beneath this post and answer in the comments which perfume you wore on your wedding day or which you plan to wear/how your dream perfume should smell like. 

The giveaway is open for Swiss residents only and you can leave a comment until April 1st 2016, 10 am. 

Good luck!

Jan 27, 2016

Crisp and clean

With Air Max Thea in Berlin, with Air Huarache in Hong Kong and with my latest addition to my sneaker family Huarache Run Ultra in Munich. It seems like every pair has its own little story in one specific city...

I took these pictures last Sunday in Munich when I decided to wear these ultra light and breathable sneakers for a winter walk. Nothing beats a good stroll through the streets of Munich with the special someone in a pair of shoes that are just made for eternally long walks.

Scarf: Mango
Earrings and coat are from a local shop in Seoul

Find more Nike models on urbanpeople
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