Nov 1, 2015

Autumn vitamin boost

Fall is a time of excitement with the leaves bursting into color but as the days are getting greyer and the lack of sunlight can also trigger mood swings. The ultimate way to beat the autumn blues is first of all to stay and feel healthy.
I recently became more interested in natural fruit powders and picked a few flavors up from a Swiss brand called frooggies.

Frooggies are 100% finely ground fruits without any additives (sugar, sweetener, preservatives etc.). 

Probably the easiest way to awaken you tired eyes in the morning is making yourself a glass of milkshake. All you need are about 250ml milk and 2 to 3 teaspoons of frooggies fruit powder. In the photo above I went for the blueberry powder - look at the insane color!

For the milkshake creations I used the frooggies shaker - within seconds you have yummy milk froth.

There are so many different ways to work with fruit powder. Use it for a nutritious granola breakfast, a divine panna cotta raspberry sauce, a refreshing drink or even for popsicles.

Jars: Butlers
Straws: zak! designs

Find more fun and easy frooggies recipes here.
Cheers and let's enjoy the sweater weather!

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meghan silva said...

These would be great all ear round, thanks for sharing.

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