Oct 21, 2015

Keep going.

The moment you realize that you have been pursuing a hobby consequently for such a long time, makes you feel proud and somewhat amazed at your own dedication and persistence. This is exactly how we feel. Realizing that Styleseeking Zurich turned seven in September means also acknowledging all the work we put into this blog. The most challening part of blogging? Getting and staying inspired. Styleseeking Zurich documents not only our productive and creative moments but also our absences, what makes it a true life companion. We really appreciate that we have a place to always come back to and to express whatever excites and inspires us in that very moment. And of course, we're glad to be able to share this all with YOU.

 2'590 days and 1'040 blog posts later we are very happy to still be calling Styleseeking Zurich our playground.

Last but not least, we want to thank Hoai for capturing this very special occasion.

Here's to seven years of blogging and many more to come!



ary said...


A Cup of Nostalgia said...

Girls, I love this crisp new modern blog layout! I also love the photography - so chic! As an old follower of your blog, your words are my words - I love that you said your absences are what makes this blog true to life. Well said :) I am so glad you guys are still going strong!

I love the show of friendship, style, and unity in this post! Where are your pieces from though? This is a fashion blog after all ;) I love those trench coats! For some reason, your outfits brings me back to the old blogging days - that distinctive style...makes me excited for fashion again!

I don't know if it's just me but I don't like the trends going on in fashion blogs anymore - now it's more "look at me and how I stand out" while before, it was about personal style and consistency with that style.

goldnfiber said...

How sensation look you are?

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. But I will definitely come back and read more.. It looks really authentic to me. I am from Zurich as well.. ;)
See you soon!

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