Aug 1, 2015

Fig scented products

Summer’s in full swing and the absence on this blog is a suspicious sign that I’m spending my evenings and weekends at a pool, enjoying a barbecue or an al fresco brunch with family and friends. Life’s good these days and I try to take everything in, like the season of peaches and apricots . But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t always long for something in the future (must be the curse of our mankind) Figs! I can’t wait for fig season to start. But you know what helps me to tide over until it’s finally here? Fig scented beauty products. Since I shot these images last year I’ve added some more fig scented beauty products and plan on doing so more. We will see if this tops my obsession with everything coconut scented…

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Ultra-Nourishing Oil 

Most fig fans probably have either the Eau Fraiche oder Eau de Parfum of this scent by parfumeur Francis Kurkdjian (I have both and love them!) but this might be unknown to some, so I decided to show you this dry oil that I love using on my body. It contains 96% natural origin ingredients like fruit seed oils and smells sweet but not overtly so. I love this one and will take it with me on vacation in a couple of weeks to layer with the Eau Fraiche.

The Store of Ma - Figue Nova Cologne 

While on vacation in Istanbul last year I saw this little bottle in a concept store and bought it on a whim. I just read “fig” and figure that I need it. As a Turk I know all about the tradition of using cologne (or offering it to guests for that matter). This one smells like classical cologne but with a fruity, playful twist. I like keeping this in my purse to apply in crowded public transportation to freshen up a bit. Always makes my mood brighter!

Durance - Lait de figue, parfum d'ambiance

Figs especially remind me of summers spent in Turkey. When you walk by a tree and get a whiff of the freshness of its leaves and the milky sap it’s usaully different than the scents that lean on the sweeter side. This room perfume spray is very fresh, green and milky, so a perfect addition to my fig collection.

Voluspa Capri Fig Frangipani cented candle 

Like with every Voluspa candle, this is highly aromatic and smells very luxurious of sweet rose petals, tart fig and white frangipani. It is more on the floral side rather than fruity but nevertheless the fig comes through beautifully. To me it smells like a beautiful sun filled island. 

 I’m curious to know, which fig scented products can you recommend..? 

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