Jul 16, 2015

Face cleansing with Glov

Though not a newbie to cleansing with a cotton cloth, I was still baffled when I first read the „instructions“ on how to use the Glov. We’re talking about a complete makeup removal ONLY with water and nothing else.. Its special microfibers are 30 times thinner than cotton fibers of cotton pads and 100 times thinner than a human hair, which sounds rather impressive. On the packaging, it says that “The unique electrostatic skills pulls the makeup like a magnet. The Glov microfibres are antibacterial and ideal for up to three months use.” Here’s where I raised an eyebrow – really? Let’s try this!

After two weeks of using the Glov every night for my makeup removal I am definitely convinced that makeup removal with only water is possible. Even on days I wore a heavier makeup, the Glov took everything off rather easily. After each use, the Glov needs to be washed with a bar soap and then left to air dry. Every day I felt like having a brand new Glov. When I used my vary soft cotton cloths, I always used them once, never as is the case with Glov, for up to three months use. Personally I am still skeptical of the latter part but that was my reaction with Clarisonic brushes as well, always a bit worried about hygiene.

What I liked most about the Glov is its gentleness and the ecological aspect. It’s really a no fuss makeup remover which is hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for sensitive skin. Without tugging or multiple products and waste (cotton pads, I’m looking at you!) it works with only water, which makes it most interesting to me during travel. There are different products available, the largest is called “Glov comfort”, the smaller is the “on-the-go” version. There was also a mini version “Quick treat” to try in the June Pink Box, who kindly sent me these products to try. All in all I am very happy I got to try the Glov and will definitely keep using it. It’s easy, it makes my face feel clean and fresh and not irritated. What’s not to like..?

Glov is available at Marrionnaud 

Check out Pink Box too, if you’re up for monthly beauty surprises

to find out more about Glov, visit their official website


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Filis said...

Ich mag den GLOV sehr! Hab jedoch gemischte Meinungen dazu gehört. Mir gefällt auch derjenige Aspekt, dass man das Gesicht alleine mit dem GLOV und Wasser reinigen kann. Was für mich auch auf Reisen wichtig ist, so kann ich das eine oder andere Produkt getrost zu Hause lassen. x o x o

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