Jun 7, 2015

Weleda sensitive skin care

For a long time I didn’t realize that I had sensitive skin. I was more preoccupied with spots and blemishes, trying a ton of different skin care products to combat this problem. Only now that blemishes are not my main concern anymore I see that I have quite sensitive skin that shows immediately when it doesn’t agree with certain ingredients. Especially the skin on my body is sensitive and some parts of it seem almost translucent, reacting and becoming red very quickly. A couple of months ago, my physiotherapist said that my skin showed my high stress levels more than the muscles in my back, which surprised me a lot. But our skin and soul are directly connected through the nervous system.
It’s crazy how much manifests itself on our skin.

Having a soft spot for Weleda, I have been using the soothing almond line face oil and moisturizer) in the colder months. That’s why I was delighted to try their new skin care from the same line which consists of a shower gel, body lotion and hand cream. These new additions to the "Mandel Sensitiv" line have a lovely scent, more "almondy" than the face skin care products.

I consciously take time for myself to wind down. It’s crucial for the mind, and the body, to be treated well. In the evenings I light a candle, dry brush my skin with a natural bristle body brush and hop into the shower. I’ve tried many shower gels by Weleda and what they all have in common is that they are very creamy and gentle to the skin.

With these products I know that I’m giving my skin exactly what it needs. 

At the moment Weleda has a lovely giveaway where you can win a weekend for two at the nature hotel Tannerhof in in Germany including an aromatic massage. All you have to do is post a photo to Instagram with the hashtag #sensiblenatur, explaining what you do for your sensitive nature. I for instance like to listen to classical music, meditate and also keep a journal (more on the latter another time). 

Amongst the participants they also give away Weleda product sets, so what are you waiting for? For non-Instagrammers there is even an option to upload the photo on their website

Good luck!

Click here to read the eligibility requirements

More about Weleda

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Conny said...

I've always wanted to try Weleda products, they sound lovely! xx


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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