May 17, 2015

Dr. Pierre Ricaud: Whipped cream and jam for your skin

I'm always on the market for new skincare products and I enjoy getting to know a certain brand I never had any experience with. In this case it is the beauty and skincare brand called Dr. Pierre Ricaud. I have several products from this line that I'm still testing out, but here are three cleansing products I Immediately fell in love with.

No, this is not a whipped cream! But: it feels like it - so smooth and gentle. I like using the  Derma Ecolia Nuage de Mousse (which by the way means whipped cream cleanser in French) after I removed my makeup with micellar water. This cleansing foam breaks down the last makeup particles and makes sure you can finish your cleansing steps with a clear conscience.

I love me a good facial peeling once or twice a week since I'm struggling with blackheads and combination skin in general. This little tube really surprised me: Derma Ecolia Peeling à l'argile contains clay and fibers of apricot seeds. This peeling feels luxurious but still has that extra oomph. Sometimes I find peelings too gentle, but this one definitely feels like a good deep peeling, without being too harsh on your skin, of course. This peeling now belongs to one of my holy grail skincare products!

When it comes to body peelings I oftentimes get lazy and skip those steps. But maybe I might get better, now that I have this Corps Gommage Peau Neuve. Let me tell you one thing: This will make your body feel like one big baby butt :) It has a very subtle strawberry scent and the gel has two different peeling fibers in it: Bigger black and very small white ones. Also, when applying to your damp skin the gel turns into a milky formulation. All in all, I think this body peeling is simply amazing and perfect for summertime. Nothing is sexier than glowing and healthy skin.


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