Apr 13, 2015

Hello Spring, hello Sheer Revolution

Now that Spring has arrived, how about adjusting your makeup look - from heavier and warmer colors to lighter, fresher and maybe brighter accents? Particularly for lip looks the slight alteration could mean going from matte lips to less pigmented and shinier lips. Urban Decay recently came out with ten different sheer lip colors. Let me show you three shades of the new Sheer Revolution collection that I own:

1. Shame is a berry red
2. Ladyflower is a rosy pink
3. Streak is a pinky coral

As you can see the brighter Sheer Revolution lipsticks are pigmented enough so you actually have a good color payoff. I'm not so sure about the neutral ones in this collection, but with ten different shades to choose from, you'll definitely find your own faves.

They feel exactly like a lipbalm - light-weight and easy to wear. You don't need a mirror to apply them, which is a plus. That's why I carry around one of the lipsticks in my pouch to touch up my lips every now and then... 


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A Cup of Nostalgia said...

I like your beauty posts, Mi-Ji!

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