Dec 13, 2014

The 90s brown lip revival

 Bring on the heavy lip liners and the brown lipsticks - the makeup motives of the 90's are back! The whole beauty community went crazy, including me, after no other than Kylie Jenner started to rock a certain lip look: the nineties lip. The range of the nineties lip is actually pretty wide: From deep beige to mauvy pink. The important point in my opinion is not the color but the matte and full-lip look. I think Kylie has a great overall makeup style and she managed to come up with a new trend that nobody was expecting.

I knew right away that I wanted to recreate her lip look. I started to look out for browny lip products in my makeup collection and also went on a hunt for the shades I still needed for this specific look.

The full-lip appearance is essential for the 90's look - the perfect tool for it are lipliners. To be honest I never used lipliners or pencils before, so I purchased a few shades that I wanted to try out.

1. NYX Retractable Lipliner, mpl 01 Natural: This is a very intense beige tone and the perfect base to pull off a brown lip look.
2. Kiko Smart Lip Pencil, 700: This shade includes a peachy undertone. You can go for this liner if you want to recreate a lighter version of the nineties lip.
3. Manhattan X-treme Last Lipliner, 59Y: This mauvy pink-brown reminds me of MAC's 'Whirl', which is known to be Kylie's fave.   

All three liners are richly pigmented and have a very good lasting power. After outlining my lips and also fully filling them in with a lipliner I reach for a lipstick/lipcream to give my lips a more creamy texture. (You can, of course, wear lipliners on their own as well)

I go for this Bourjois lipcream whenever I want a pinky version of the 90s lips. This lipcream is a mauvy nude pink (not really visible in the swatch picture) and it turns completely matte after applying, but it doesn't dry out your lips. The lasting power is incredibly good.

This lipstick has also a pink/coral undertone but it manages to maintain the overall brown nineties lip look. The white spot you see in the middle of the lipstick is a skincare-core which gives you a very hydrating effect. Something you might not really expect is the fact, that this lipstick also turns rather into a long-lasting matte finish.

I reach for this NYX lipcream almost every time to complete a lip look - I always topcoat my lips with it. Why? Because of its ultimate matte finish and it makes every lip look long-lasting. If you want a really browny nineties lip, then this is the lipcream you want to go for.

Since we're facing cold temperatues right now, you might want to finish off your 90s lips with a little bit of extra moisture. Although nineties lips are rather matte, I think you can accomplish a lovely brown lip look by adding a hint of gloss in the center of your lips.

Depending on what kind of undertone I want, I combine all the products mentioned to recreate different versions of the 90s lips.

Which products did I use to accomplish the lip color I wear in the pictures above?

And here' a slightly different look - a more browny and nude version using

Here are all the other products I used for the overall makeup look:

What do you think about the 90s lip trend?


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A Cup of Nostalgia said...

Thank you for this post, Mi-Ji! I didn't know about this trend but I have worn the 90s lip unknowingly (haha) for years now! Lip liners + mauve are my best friends :) This was a very detailed and well thought out post!

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