Oct 11, 2014


Efes is a magical place to me. 
I remember how fascinated I was when I first went there with my parents about 15 years ago. Despite the scorching heat and tourist crowd on this hot August day, I was very excited to show my boyfriend the ruins of Ephesus, this ancient Greek city that was built in the 10th century BC. Since we are both very interested in historic places we got our audio guides and made the most of our visit, though it was not as long as we wanted it to be.

 Of course I couldn't resist wearing my white Infinity Dress there and I'm really glad my partner took these pictures for the blog to capture me in front of such a unique backdrop. One of my personal favorite posts ever on the blog, what do you guys think?

The awe-inspiring Library of Celsus

Dress: Tart 
Necklace: H&M

The magnificent theatre with 25'000 seats



Claire said...

Awesome shots I :) think you should share your photos on www.voguedrobe.com, too :)

andra said...

Great pics!

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