Aug 1, 2014


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Recently I have been noticing that a lot of bloggers I follow express similar thoughts: Should we write about more important and perhaps beneficial subjects like self-growth or culture as opposed to beauty and fashion? Are we too addicted to our phones, checking social media even before we washed our face or had coffee?

 Is it time for a digital detox?

As Styleseeking Zurich sixth anniversary approaches, I am more than ever aware of how this blog evolved, of how Mi-Ji and I changed over the years, making this spot on the blogosphere still our common digital playground.

I guess many of you reading this blog also transitioned from being a student to a full time working girl in the last couple of years. There are things we all struggle with, from finding a job that we truly love, advancing in our careers, having meaningful relationships and so on. Add to this neverending list the occasional guilt of not posting here regularly, and there you have it. Sometimes it's just too much to handle. This is where I took a step back trying to understand what it is that's holding me back.

Did you notice that when we post photos of ourselves here, it's usually when we're on a vacation or weekend getaway? When else do you have leisure time to take photos, choosing a beautiful new background that's at the same time interesting? When I first became aware of this, I thought to myself it's actually a little sad that I can't find the time nor energy to shoot day to day outfits, but the longer I think about it... Travelling became so much a part of (lifestyle) blogging these days that people are not keen anymore to visit blogs with outfit pictures taken around a school campus or even your room (remember those times?) Not even fashion weeks excite us anymore as the special couple of weeks in the year the most successful ones show us their activities abroad. Instead we're used to see magazine like pictures from beautiful girls in whatever faraway exotic country you can think of, working having the time of their lives. They hop on flights more often than an average person might take a public bus. So I guess it's ok when I only get to post here (outfit) pictures from my travels, even if that's only the case a couple of times a year as opposed to all the time.

After six years of sharing my hobby here with you, I am glad that our readers are still appreciative and very supportive. One reader recently posted a comment stating

"It is a pleasure to see how your blog and your style has evolved over the years. Styleseeking Zurich was my first blog discovery in 2009 and since then I am thrilled. Even if you transitioned from being a student to working life and a lot has changed since your university days (less time), I hope that you do not lose the joy of blogging (quality not quantity)."

It's words of encouragement like this (thank you Samantha!) that keep me sometimes going and not standing in my own way. I don't want to make promises on the flow of postings here or excuse the lack thereof but let me just say, I found excitement again in the prospect of creating content for our blog and look forward to sharing these after a much needed holiday in Turkey. Hope it's going to be a memorable August in the best way possible, because July wasn't very good to me after all.

Hello August, hello lighter hair, darker skin, warmer water, colder drinks... 
I am ready for you.



chez moi_carla said...

Such nice thoughts, Neslihan! I'm very much looking forward to discovering the posts yet to come and to reading about your adventures. Take care!

Anita Rossé said...

a realy wonderful post!

A Cup of Nostalgia said...

Aw Nesli, what a heart to heart post! Intimate, personal - I have been a reader of your blog since 2009, when I was still in high school. At present, I have graduated university and getting into the working life. Believe me when I say that Styleseeking Zurich was one of the key blogs to introduce me to fashion - European style ;)

"They hop on flights more often than an average person might take a public bus"

This made me laugh because it's so true - I have noticed this too as a reader.

These days, blogs have evolved so much that it is hard to see bloggers as average women yes, I do agree.

But I also think think that self-growth and culture posts would be very relevant, since as I see it, you and Mi-Ji are influencers - what you two go through, it is more than likely that us, your readers, are also going let us grow into this life together!

PS - Quality over quantity - the sheer poetry in your posts will make up for the fewer number of them :) I often go through the blog archives and find that I am still very inspired by your older posts (nostalgia/memories for me as a reader).

Callboy Schweiz said...

sometimes i think in a same way... keep on it !! :)

Swatie said...

Hey Girls,
Heartiest congratulations to you for completing 6 years of blogging. Only ever-interesting content can sustain that long, so big YAY!!!for you and the blog and many more to come.
I have been stalking your blog for many months now, ever since I knew I am going to live in Zurich for a few years :-)
I absolutely love your fashion sense and writing. True, Stleseeking Zurich really has a very organic feel which is not that common anymore in this burgeoning world of professional blogging. I appreciate that as a reader (stalker) of your blog.
Good luck to you both for your future endeavors

Unknown said...

I hear you sister I am feeling like that and here I am posting about running, cooking,healthy living ..etc My life and vision has changed since I first started and my life is not revolving around fashion and that is real :) . x

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