Aug 8, 2014

Babyliss Homelight - an update


After a couple of months of trying the Babyliss HomeLight laser we thought we give a little update how this is going for us. 

Nesli: Starting off I used the Babyliss HomeLight every two weeks after shaving, and after a couple of uses (depends on your skin tone) it was advised to switch to an interval of four weeks. Even though it doesn't take that long to use (depending on the areas you want to treat) I wasn't very disciplined at keeping the schedule. Regarding the pain level other methods bring with them I can honestly say that I mostly didn't feel anything at all using the Babyliss, sometimes it got a little bit warmer when I pulsed but all in all very easy and carefree, if you follow the instructions and protect your eyes with the shield the product comes with, I don't see any hazards personally.  

Mi Ji: I agree with Neslihan's perception - there's one point that I found rather unpractical though: You have to be very precise when pulse lighting an area in order to avoid treating the same spots multiple times. To do so you need a clear sight, but the eye protection glasses that you have to wear, unfortunately clouded my sight and it took me a while to proceed.

So can we already see and feel some changes?

 Hard to tell, but it worked best for us on different parts (N: legs, bikini line / M: bikini line, underarms). We observed not slower but less hair growth, which is exactly what the product is supposed to do. But while using this, you are depriving yourself of longer periods of smooth skin as you shouldn't wax while using this product, but instead shave. So we guess you should consider if you're willing to deal with it for the bigger picture.

 As you shouldn't expose your skin to the sun two weeks after using the Babyliss we stopped during summer and will restart in autumn, continue using it every four weeks through the winter months and hope to have considerably reduced hair to worry about next year. If you don't have sensitive skin, are open to try out new methods and have patience, this product might meet your needs.



Anonymous said...

woher ist der schöne bikini?

Styleseeking Zurich said...

Der Bikini ist von H&M, diesen Sommer gekauft. Sorry für die späte Antwort!


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