Jul 30, 2014

e.l.f. Cosmetics: First Impression

If you live in Central Europe e.l.f. Cosmetics (Eyes Lips Face) could be a brand you never heard of. I follow a bunch of beauty gurus on YouTube and many of them rave about e.l.f. products. Why? They claim to be high quality products at affordable prices. Well, that's exactly what every beauty maniac wants to hear. I've been dying to try out something from e.l.f. for the longest time, not knowing that we have an e.l.f. online shop here in Switzerland! So, when I found out that I could order everything I craved for, I went a little crazy.. I was mainly interested in their cheek products but I figured I could order different products to get a better idea about the whole product range. So, I've been using a lot of e.l.f. cheek products lately and some makeup base products as well as their makeup tools.
Here are some of the products that I've been testing/loving so far:
1. Blush - Peachy Keen: I've been using this blush as a bronzer and also as a blush. It doesn't feel chalky or too shiny - it simply has a beautiful peachy sheen and gives me a dewy look.
2. Baked Blush - Pinktastic: The baked blushes come in different shades and since Pinktastic is a very soft color, I primarily use it as a highlighter.
3. Blush - Gotta Glow: As the name already says, this highlighter makes you glow. Since it feels slightly chalky, I only use a small amount of it.
4. Blush Brush - Crystal: This rather small angled brush is the perfect blush or highlighter brush.  

So, I apply the peachy keen blush in the line that appears when I suck in my cheeks. I also apply a tiny bit of it on the temples and the top of my forehead for a sun-kissed look. For highlighter I grab the pinktastic baked blush and apply this on the top of my cheek bones and sometimes on my browbones. If I want an extra luminous glow, then I put on another layer of the gotta glow blush onto my cheek bones.

I especially love the e.l.f. baked blushes that you can either use as a highlighter, bronzer or blush. You can use them on their own, or layer them lightly on top of other bronzers or blushes you own to give a little bit more depth or glow to it. I haven't used the ones below yet but I can already tell by the swatches that I'm going to incorporate them into my makeup routine. Overall, I think the baked blushes are very functional and beautiful - look at the marbled structure with the color veins!

Along with the products I already mentioned, there are other products that I've been also loving so far:
1. Eyebrow Lifter & Filler - Light Ivory: This eyebrow pencil has on both sides different products - a light brown eyebrow filler and an ivory colored eyebrow highlighter/lifter. One of the caps also comes with an integrated sharpener, which is super handy. I love this pencil since it's really creamy and easy to apply.
2. Essential Lipstick - Seductive: The essential lipsticks come in various different shades. This one is called seductive - a very daily-use-friendly pinky color that looks natural. This lipstick has a pleasant scent and hydrates my lips.
3. Maximum Coverage Concealer - Porcelain: This concealer is not a favorite of mine but it does its job. It also doesn't cake up after a couple of hours, which I really appreciate.
4. Studio Stipple Brush: I own the big and small stiple brush and I absolutely love both of them so much for foundation/concealer application. They're super soft and gives my face an airbrushed look.
Oh, and to set my whole makeup I go for their pressed powder (porcelain).
My first impression on e.l.f. is very positive -  none of their products irritated my skin or left my skin greasy. Since I have oily skin I always hesitated to use bronzers and highlighters, but now I'm all about contouring my face. I will continue to test some of their products and I will try to mention them in upcoming posts. Maybe I will be doing a post on my favorite bronzers soon...


Jess | Rose & Fig said...

I am such a big fan of e.l.f.'s value when you look at how much you get for the price! Their blush/bronzer duo is a doppleganger for NARS' orgasm/laguna duo, and their eyebrow kit is very similar to Benefit's version. Love the new blushes!

A Cup of Nostalgia said...

I was so surprised looking at this post, because I was considering trying the ELF line myself! Thank you, Mi-Ji! :) Beautiful pictures of the makeup, swatches too.

Anonymous said...

I live elf very much Too bu I usually prefer the Studio line products: they are usually a bit more expensive but it's worth it! My favorite is the photo finish powder!

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