Jun 26, 2014

Frends headphones from Westwing Home & Living

Being always on the hunt for hard to come by additions for my apartment it was inevitable I would end up browsing on www.westwing.ch.
For those who are not familiar with the site, let me introduce to you its concept: Westwing Home & Living is an online shop club for curated items for home, garden, closet or your beauty cabinet. Lovingly selected items, always assembled under a specific theme like Maritime flair or Nordic Design, are available on sale for a limited amount of time to members only. 

It got seriously addicted to the point I would check new sales regularly as most items get sold out in the blink of an eye. It’s a great place to get your hands on a designer item or discover lesser known brands. Mainly interested in interior decoration and furniture for my apartment it also came to me as a surprise that my first purchase through Westwing were these Frends Taylor headphones. With its flashy gold and white design it’s easily the most chic one I saw so far and I just had to have it. Perfect for my everyday train commute or when I want some peace and quiet reading a magazine and polishing my nails at home… 

If you got curious and would like to get into the Westwing shopping club as well, here’s an invitation link for Styleseeking Zurich readers to get  
15 CHF off your first purchase
through the site. Register using for free following this link

The headphones came with a sleek pouch to protect the gold caps.

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