Jun 5, 2014

Clean Summery Nails

 Zurich is going to hit 31 degrees this weekend! It's definitely time to create summer looks, but let's not forget about the details - the nails! Every nailpolish-lover knows that beautiful nails and matching nail colors function as an additional accessory for your outfit. I luckily already found three summery shades that I think go pretty nicely with my wardrobe color schemes:

The first one is Desert Rose - a peachy beige color, which is perfect if you want to rock a clean and sophisticated look. Everyone, who's into nude and pastel tones will love this shade!

The second one is Pure Shores - a decent yellow shade. It appears very yellowy in the pictures above but it's actually a more nude peachy tone, which makes it less dramatic and more accessible for daily usage.

The third one is Smoke on the Water - a very frosty taupe tone. Although this color is rather dark and not a typical summer shade, I just love ashy and cool grey shades that will look great with simple white tees.

These three pretty colors are from exurbe - a new Swiss cosmetic brand that has been present on several beauty blogs lately. They offer fifty different nail colors, which is insane for a beauty newcomer brand, right? So no worries, you will definitely find your own favorite shades! Another good point is that the nailpolishes are all vegan and cruelty-free. I guess they're really having their finger on the pulse of the time.

Have a look at the whole collection here!


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Bestsmellers said...

I love the yellow one! :-)

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