Apr 24, 2014

On shopping in New York

Elizabeth and James, Magdalena Dress

Nowadays you can get your hands on practically anything you want by browsing the web and clicking the desired items home but undeniably, going shopping the old-fashioned way has also its charm. With the abundance of stores and labels I usually don't have direct access to at home, New York definitely satisfied my fashion appetite for a while (at least I my purse hopes so). From huge department stores like Macy's or Bergdorf Goodman, pop-up stores, little boutiques and designer markets to sample sales, there's a fix for literally any sartorial craving!

I've never really been to a sample sale before so I was pleasantly surprised when I coincidentally walked past the store that held an Elizabeth and James sample sale on 5th Avenue. This is where the above swingy dress comes from - I am really looking forward to wearing it this summer when the pale color looks better on a little bit of a tan!

After this sample sale experience I checked out if there was another one while I was in the city, and marked the start of Rachel Zoe's sample sale at Chelsea Market, which was just a couple of minutes away from where we stayed. There I went for classic choices as you can see in the photo below, meaning a silk shirt and top as well as a very light-weight trench. Timeless and also office-appropriate, which is an imporant aspect these days. Speaking of work outfits, I found some really chic clothing at Banana Republic as well as J.Crew. 

How to get designer fashion for less? I've been told to head to Century 21, which I did. In this huge multi-storey building I lost my boyfriend countless times, was overwhelmed with the sheer amount of clothing available and thought about leaving empty-handed. But one nice find led to another and luckily I scored some nice bargains as well. 

A city-trip is never just about shopping but to me, a few select choices can be treated like souvenirs of that place. Don't you agree?

'Dorian' Pinstripe Pajama Top, which I won't be wearing exlusively to bed 
'Sable' Silk Top 
'Gerard' double breasted trench 


Raphaela Rissi said...

wow so wunderschöne teile hast du da mitgebracht aus new york als souvenir!


alltagsmoi said...

Das Kleid sieht wirklich wunderschön aus! So schön weiblich :)

Liebst, ina

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