Mar 12, 2014

Truth or Flare

"Get in the fashion game with six irresistible and playful shades dedicated to women everywhere who aren't afraid to play - in life and in style" - Essie
One of the six new shades from Essie's spring collection 2014 is Truth or Flare - a shabby vintage denim blue. After giving my nails a break and spoiling them with the Weleda's pomegranate nail care series, it was about time to color them. I used three different Essie products:
1. Millionails base coat: Delivers a million fast acting molecules to create protection for your nails.
3. Super duper topcoat: Helps fortify by adding durability and protection against chipping.
Et voilà:

Have a look at all the new shades here!

Another shade from this collection I painted my nails with is Spin the Bottle - a lovely and simple semi-sheer creme color. Click here to see how it looks like.


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