Mar 21, 2014

Nymphenburg Palace

 I'm standing in front a palace complex, which is one of the most famous sights in Munich, Germany - the Nymphenburg Palace (1664). I spent a weekend in Munich about two weeks ago and was fascinated by the interior of the palace. The Nymphenburg Palace used to be the main summer residence of the royal 'House of Wittelsbach'. I don't want to withhold the beauty of the palace from you, so here are some impressions of what the tremendous palace looks like on the inside - bold colors, dramatic ceiling frescos and chandeliers..



Sooyoona said...

Sehr schöne Aufnahmen. Das Schloss ist aber auch wirklich wunderschön und besonders das Innere ist sehr sehenswert.

liebe Grüße

Cheyenne said...

Beautiful pictures, the details of this places are stunning!

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