Feb 12, 2014

Make a difference with reusable cups

(drawing by the talented Karolina, who is the Starbucks store-manager in Zurich, Kreuzplatz / photo by me) 
Starbucks beverages fill approximately 4 billion cups globally each year. At this point one might automatically think about the negative consequences for the environment, especially when a considerable part of the drinks are filled up in paper cups. To meet these concerns Starbucks started to introcude their reusable cups. They are available in Swiss Starbucks stores since January of this year and enjoy great popularity. Get a reusable cup for only two Swiss francs and get a discount every time you order a drink of your choice with your cup.

And in case you want to surprise your loved ones on Valentine's Day with a little something, how about creating individual cups? Design your cups with drawings, graphics or written messages - creating personal gifts has never been so easy and fun ♥

Find more information here!

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