Jan 16, 2014

Winter skin care

Over the holidays I spent two weeks in the mountains and brought with me some winter skin care products to put them to a test. They happen to be all natural products which is definitely a plus, as MiJi and I are getting more and more conscious of safe and healthy ingredients in our beauty care products. Let's just say, all of these products were excellent at keeping my skin moisturized and protected during all those hours I spent outdoors trying to learn to ski...

 Let's start with my current daytime moisturizer by Weleda. In the past I have used a variety of Weleda products and haven't met one I didn't like. The Iris Hydrating Day Cream is rather rich but my skin absorbs it fairly quickly without making me wait too long before I apply my foundation. It's said to provide long-lasting moisture and effective protection against environmental influences. Due to the natural scent of real essential oils this cream smells very uplifting and fresh - I really enjoy using this product in the mornings.

This product is the newest addition to my skin care routine and I've been reaching for it very often.
Stark's Grapefruit Cleansing Balm, available at the Swiss online shop Biomazing where I am buying also my beloved coconut oil. I have never used cleansing balms before - let alone oil based ones, but this one made me curious and I gave into the gorgeous glass packaging and the promising words on the website: "For the clearest, most radiant skin of your life, in one simple product!"

This highly nutritious, water-less balm melts away daily grime and dirt, replenishing your skin with healthy, antioxidant-rich plant-derived oils and butters, like organic virgin coconut oil, raw organic shea butter, organic sweet almond oil etc. just to name a few. As it is really rich and well, oily, in regards to cleansing I only use it in the evenings to take off all of my makeup. Sometimes I double cleanse with a face wash afterwards but more often than not I don't feel the need to. This product is very versatile and can also be applied as a moisturizer on face and body as well as lip balm. My little pot looks a bit grainy but the butters melt away upon touch, so what very briefly feels like an ultra-mild peeling transforms very quickly. Awesome texture, awesome smell, awesome ingredients - I'm totally hooked! 

Next up is my beloved Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, making it also into this little list as it contains 99.8% naturally derived ingredients. A few drops a night not only calms my senses (it contains a blend of essential oils including lavender) but also replenishes my skin with with moisture come morning. I like imagining how this elixir works all night to replenish the skin with moisture, making it smoother and even toning down redness or angry dry patches which usually occur to me in the colder months. 

These products were provided to me by the manufacturers or their PR company for consideration on Styleseeking Zurich.

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