Jan 30, 2014

Removing Make-Up with Dr. Sponge and Savondine

Those, who follow me on Instagram, know that I've been testing new organic products for my facial cleansing routine. I started six weeks ago with the new routine including three different bio products:
Two (facial) soaps from Savondine & a konjac sponge from Dr. Sponge

To be honest, I was so attracted by Savondine's print packaging and how beautiful the soap tops look, that I intuitively went for them. But obviously these handmade soaps not only look gorgeous but they're also all natural, which I really appreciate. I was very curious about how facial soaps work and also a little bit afraid that they could dry out my skin. Nevertheless, I wanted to give them a shot and I chose the following two scents/ingredients (each 100g):

- Cornflower: The cornflower soap includes organic oils, which help to clarify and also regenerate skin. The precious oils are rich in vitamine A and E that support skin resilience.
- Babassu: The babassu oil is the right ingredient for rough and dry skin to regain a glowy complexion. Although I have oily skin in certain areas, I didn't want to miss this ingredient since it's winter and I wanted to give my skin extra moisture.The babassu soap is traversed by an incredible gold vein, which makes it so luxurious.

Along with the facial soaps I added a new tool to my skincare program: Dr. Sponge
I picked the charcoal version since charcoal is a popular ingredient for oily skin and as I already mentioned, I tend to have a greasy T-zone (ugh!).

So, I decided to use the sponge as a makeup remover and exfoliator for my nighttime regimen. I didn't use any other makeup remover other than the sponge with the two Savondine soaps. Depending on my skin condition, I sometimes used the konjac sponge also in the morning. I never used it for my body though.
The soaked sponge feels really soft and also very jelly-ish! At first you will wonder how this jelly thing will exfoliate and remove makeup and debris. But that's exactly the trick - this sponge might appear weak but it does exfoliate your skin, but in a very gentle way. So, no worries about skin irritation!

The sponge is formed like a little hill - even on the backside and curved on the front. In this way, you'll be able to use it for wider surfaces and for tricky places (like the nasal wing area) as well. The sponge is very flexible, which makes it easy to work with.

My own "how-to":
  • Soap: Since the soap bars are pretty big, I divided them each into quarters for practical reasons. On a side note: Rinse a knife under hot running water for a few seconds and then you'll be able to cut the soaps.
  • Sponge: To fully soften the sponge, get a clean bowl filled with warm water. In this way, the sponge will plump up way faster.
  • Soap + Sponge: Wet one bar of soap and rub the soaked sponge against the soap to foam it up. Gently massage the sponge into your skin in circular motions. Rinse the sponge and repeat the massage step if needed. I used the cornflower and babassu soaps alternating.
  • After the usage: Rinse the sponge clean with water and use the string attached to hang and to dry so it won't get moldy.  

My thoughts:
I've been using the Savondine soaps for about six weeks now and I've used up +/- 75g. The soap bars last very long and they didn't irritate or dry out my skin at all, which was very surprising (both cornflower and babassu). They removed makeup in a non-aggressive way. There was only one thing, that bothered me - the soaps burn if they get into your eyes. It was quite challenging to cleanse my face without getting any soap into my eyes, but it was manageable. Nevertheless, I love the soaps - they look and smell gorgeous and they really did a good job in removing makeup.
I also enjoyed integrating Dr. Sponge into my nighttime regimen. The konjac sponge was extremely easy to use and it didn't irritate my skin as well. I'm so glad that both products worked well for me. As you can see in the photo above, the sponge loses its color after daily usage, but it doesn't affect its performance - the sponge will definitely last for another two months.
After using the soaps together with the charcoal sponge, I've noticed that my skin appears more healthy and even - I didn't had any bigger breakouts in this time, which is not common for me, because once in a while I always get a big pimple somewhere. When it comes to greasy zones and blackheads, I can confirm that the sponge does help to regulate sebum. But I guess I have to use the sponge long-dated to get rid of the stubborn bleackheads.
All in all, I love the feeling that these natural products not only leave on my skin, but also give me in general - I feel fresh and healthy and especially because of the sponge, I'm always looking forward to cleanse my face ;)
If you want to test a Dr. Sponge and/or a Savondine soap, head over to Biomazing!

Happy cleansing everyone!

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ninnikuneko said...

Hey there :) it was nice meeting you today! those soaps look amazing and I'm a total soap fan! I like the ones from Cocooning but these look great too. I'm so curious about that sponge! Konjac is very healthy if you eat it so I wonder how it feels on the skin :)

byebye, neko

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