Dec 7, 2013

Festive Nails


Why not express festive spirit through sparkly nailart?
Essie's latest winter collection includes some pretty amazing glitter nail lacquers! Each of them are laced with different glitter elements and base color like the ones shown above:
(from left to right)

I went for the dark garnet red nailpolish to start off my personal season of solemnly nails and I absolutely love the color and texture of it. Since the base color is dark, the lighter glitters doesn't show off in a pushy way, it's quite the opposite: the nails appear rather mystical through the dainty glitters.

The jet-black lacquer is the next one I'm going to try out...
Have a look at my Instagram if you want to check out more of Essie's winter creations!

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alltagsmoi said...

I love Essie polish!

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