Dec 22, 2013

Advent-Giveaway #4: Biomazing

 Happy 4th Advent everyone! Christmas really is just around the corner - this is not only the season of giving and sharing, but also thinking about New Year's resolutions. Organic skincare is such a big issue and an ongoing trend in the beauty industry. We personally know how hard it is to completely reorganize and replace the products you already own and you've grown fond of by purely bio products. But since the idea of eco beauty is an approach we really want to support, we're trying to incorporate bio products into our beauty lineups. So, one of our New Year's resolutions is definitely to integrate more natural products into our daily skincare routines.

To come a tiny step closer to our resolution and to encourage you to jump on the bandwagon (in case you aren't already a bio maintainer), we teamed up with Biomazing - an onlineshop selling only natural beauty products!

Win a Biomazing packet!

The packet includes four products:

- Lebensbaum Tulsi Tea
- Soapwalla Kitchen Bergamot & Cinnamon Soap
- Safeas Fig Lipbalm
- Safeas Regeneration Eye Cream
How to participate:
1. Head over to Biomazing's onlineshop and choose a product that caught your eye. Leave here a comment with your forename mentioning why that specific product appealed to you.
2. Also like our Facebook Fan Page if you wish to get updates.

The giveaway is open for everyone residing in Switzerland and ends December 28th, 2013 at noon 12pm!

Lebensbaum Tulsi Tea: In India Tulsi stands for holy basil and queen of herbs. This healer not only detoxes the body but also regulates mood swings and helps to relieve your mind from stress. The Tulsi herb is refreshing and has a slight touch of lemon.

Soapwalla Kitchen Bergamot & Cinnamon Soap: The Bergamot oil and cinnamon act antiseptic and calming. This handmade soap is an allrounder - for face and body - and smells like Christmas!

Safeas Fig Lipbalm: This fig lipbalm includes argan oil, cacao butter, shea butter, acacias blossom honey and fig bud extracts. This composition of precious substances helps to regulate moisture balance for healthy and beautiful looking lips.
Safeas Regeneration Eye Cream: This vitalizing eye skincare stimulates cell regeneration with the help of noble ingredients like avodao oil, sesame oil, almond oil and shea butter.
We're actually testing a few interesting natural products right now (e.g. konjac sponge, facial soaps), which we plan to discuss here soon. So, stay tuned and good luck!

*CLOSED / The happy winner of our giveaway is ANJA! Congrats!
Please contact us via mail



Karin said...

Das detox körperöl von safeas ist mir direkt ins Aug gestochen. Cooles giveaway! Die Tulsi Kräuter kenn ich bereits und finde es sehr sehr toll! Liebste grüsse eure Karin

myswisschocolafelife said...

Fuer mich ist Lip Balm interessant, weil meine Lippen im Winter immer zu trocken sind ;) frohe Festtage! Gerne nehme ich am Gewinnspiel teil.

myswisschocolafelife said...

Fuer mich ist Lip Balm interessant, weil meine Lippen immer im Winter zu trocken sind ;) frohe Fesstage! Gerne nehme ich an deiner Gewinnspiel teil.

Unknown said...

Mir sind sofort die Stark Skincare Produkte aufgefallen. Das Packaging Design ist erfrischend anders.

Merry Christmas


Mimi said...

Mein Lieblingsprodukt von Biomazing ist der Dr. Sponge Konjac-Schwamm mit Aloe Vera. Einfach super! Mimi


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