Dec 8, 2013

Advent-Giveaway #2: Freitag

Win a CAROLINE Wallet from Freitag!
We popped by the Freitag store to pick out our next giveaway goodie and came across this beautiful wallet in pomegranate red marked by whitely abrasions. As you might know, all products from Freitag are made of used truck tarpaulins. (Read our past post to recall their concept)
Funnily there's a saying in South Korea, that red wallets attract and bring wealth - so, you better enter this giveaway ;)
How to participate:
1. Leave here a comment with your forename mentioning on what you like red color the most.
2. Also like our Facebook Fan Page if you wish to get updates.   
The giveaway is open worldwide and ends December 14th, 2013 at noon 12pm!
Click here if you want to see a 360-degree view of the Caroline wallet.

On a side note: Freitag recently launched new business bags with a cunning pocket system, which is convenient for those carrying around multiple gadgets. And for everyone looking for smartphone sleeves, Freitag not only offers iPhone covers but incorporated finally Samsung Galaxy sleeves into its assortment.
If you're still looking for a unique Christmas gift for a special loved one, Freitag might take the work out of your hands: The glowing paper-bag below is not only a pretty decoration in the store, but also a gift coupon. The lucky person receiving such a voucher in the form of a paper-bag can pick out a DRAGNET model on its own - online or in the shop!
Good luck everyone!
*CLOSED / Thank you everyone so much for entering our 2nd giveaway!
The lucky winner is CARO!
Congratulations! Please contact us via email


alltagsmoi said...

Well, you know how much I love Freitag! I can't get enough of my Freitag clutch and I always discover new ways to style it! Yep, so I obviously can't so No to this lovely giveaway ;)

I like red on navy blue and black but lately, I have a liking for red and white, too… :)

Liebst, ina

Macht mit bei meinem diesjährigen Adventsgiveaway ♡

Eléonore said...

Hi, I'm Eléonore!
I just love the red with blue, i've always love that, it's such a sweat combination.It is also a great match with grey colors!

intchen said...

Red with navy an grey.
And of course i like it "on my head"

ary said...

I love red shoes and bags! Arianna

Unknown said...

My wife would love it! Even her cell phone is red!

Anonymous said...

I love the red color because it makes me stand out! Thanks a bunch!


Mariam said...

My daughter would love the clutch because she is very fashion-forward.

Anonymous said...

I love Freitag as well!

And the red clutch would go great for the xmas party I will be attending!


Unknown said...

mini grau Freitag ( plus rots Portemonnaie und Jeanshemd = perfekti Kombination

Das Wallet isch liebi uf de ersti Blick!

schöne 2. Advent wünsch ich eu :)


JaleM said...

cause its the color of passion and love )


Anonymous said...

Ever since I can remember I knew when my Mum was going somewhere special when she had red lipstick on. And she by far pulls it off better than anyone I know! I'm slowly trying to use red lipstick too but my look doesn't come close to my Mum's...

Being from Zürich and not owning any Freitag pieces is probably a crime ;) So I'd love this red wallet!

Grüassli us Edinburgh,

Caro said...

What comes to my mind is the red in Christian Louboutin pumps... a non-red color pump against the red bottom.

My name is Caroline and I would love to win this greenly made red clutch sharing my name.

Allison L said...

I really am drawn to red. I just love how bright and fiery it is. I was never able to get a piece of Freitag when I lived in Zurich and it made me sad. One day.

karin said...

I love red colored dresses

Kübra said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I fell in love with this wallet
What can I do?

Anonymous said...

Growing up, red envelopes were always my favorite. I'll always have my grandmothers and grandfather making sure I said the proper Chinese thanks before handing them off to me. They're still precious gifts to me, not because of the money, but because each one has a handwritten note from my grandparents for love and luck.Red will always be lucky :)

xoxo Kimbo

diana b said...

Ich mag rot am liebsten - naja, überall, ausser bei mir selbst (und habe auch keine sentimentale story parat =)). aber: meine Schwester ist ein Rot-Mensch und würde das Portemonnaie lieben!

(& somit hab ich hier auch das erste mal kommentiert. hoi!)

Anonymous said...

Hi !

I like red color because it is my son' preferred color and because we traditionally wear red on new years eve for luck and love in the new year ;)


Bettina said...

i have absolutely no red clothes but wearing red nails and lips like all of the time.. ;)
for wallets its great too :D

Szappanbubi said...

I would love the wallet in silver/light shiny gray :)

FB: Szabina Luzics

sparkly thnaks*

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