Nov 4, 2013

Scent for your soul

Your home should be a sanctuary for your soul, right? And if turned into a home with a marvellous scent, then you obviously created heaven on earth ;)
I recently came across JuwelKerze (jewel candle), which stands for high quality hand-crafted scented candles. On top of that, every candle includes either a pair of earrings or a ring worth 10-250 Euros.
I went for the Piña Colada flavor...

and let it burn for about 4 hours. Normally, it takes about 10-15 hours until you can pull out the aluminium package with the jewel in it (there's a mark behind the candle pointing out where the packet is). But in my case I was able to drag out the ring in a very short time. Use a tweezer to get the packet!
So, this is what I got - a silver ring with cubic zirconia ornaments in the amount of 50 Euros. Every jewel piece comes with a corresponding price tag. The probability of getting a ring or earrings of your taste is pretty low. Nevertheless, JuwelKerze manages to combine home fragrance and interior decoration with a girly touch by adding the idea of a hidden refined jewelry piece. I love the concept and shape of my candle - the aroma of Piña Colada lifts my mood in an instant! I think that JuwelKerze is the alternative to go for if you're looking for quality candles with a certain fun factor - and they're surely made with love.
There are also seasonal fragrances like gingerbread or roast apple. For more, check their online shop here!

*JuwelKerze and I have a discount code for you! Enter the following code: style10


leyla said...

great idea! :) xxx

alltagsmoi said...

That sounds interesting! It's a pretty genius marketing idea ;)

Liebst, ina

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