Nov 22, 2013

C&A on the move

Neslihan and I were quite astonished when we received an invitation from C&A to attend their blogger shopping event in the flagship store in Paris! Although C&A is very present in Switzerland, the brand itself isn't perceived as that young and trendy in the fashion scene. So, we got curious and wanted to know what was behind the new concept. Since Neslihan unfortunately couldn't fly to Paris due to schedule overlaps, I decided to head over to the city of love on my own!

A nice welcome at the hotel, a quick selfie and I was good to go!

The shopping-party started off with lots of sweet treats...
and gift cards to shop on the spot.
As soon as you walk in the store you realize straightaway how roomy and bright it is. I really have to grant this point since the C&A shops in Zurich appear somehow dark and gloomy.

I was also positively surprised by the great assortment they had displayed - I esp. hearted all the knitwear, fluffy sweaters and cardigan jackets, which are all at a reasonable price. It was my very first time thinking of C&A in a different way!
Everyone was so busy picking out their favorite pieces - not only C&A is on the move; guests and bloggers were also on the move and driven by the fresh makeover!
Above you might recognize one or the other - many bloggers across Europe came together! It is always a pleasure to meet people with the same hobby and experience together a start of something new.
Among others, I had a lovely chat with Jocelina from Pink Chocolate Break.

23rd of November is the big day!
C&A 23, rue Madeleine Vionnet, 93300 Paris, France
Oh, and imagine every single guest holding up to three big pink shopping bags - we called it the pink invasion.
The 24h-marathon in Paris was crazy, but I'm glad I popped by C&A's flagship store. Now that I know C&A's potential, I can genuinely say that they have great pieces of every price range. I really hope Switzerland catches up on the new makeover as soon as possible!

Thank you C&A for having me!
Make sure to check out #cetaonthemove on Instagram for more photos of the event!


alltagsmoi said...

Wow, that looks so much fun! Meeting all those people must be great and I bet the shopping experience was cool, too ;)

Liebst, ina

Katta said...

Super schön. Wirklich wunderbar!
Hier auf deiner Seite fühle ich mich richtig wohl <3

Mach weiter so, Liebes!

Allerliebste Grüße,

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