Nov 28, 2013

Countdown: Advent-Giveaway-Series

With our Advent-Giveaway-Series we want to thank our readers and everyone, who has been supportive! This is our way to express how grateful we are for all those precious experiences we made so far through this blog!
Mi Ji & Neslihan

Nov 27, 2013

The importance of exfoliation

To keep my face free from impurities and make sure it looks fresh and smooth, I regularly use exfoliators not just on my body but also my face. The gentle exfoliating action renews the skin, preparing it for further treatments which are now heavier and oilier to keep it supple and plump during winter time. Here are three of my current exfoliators which I use in rotation.
Caudalie is a brand I feel a strong connection to in regards to their philosophy, even though I haven't used this particular product for that long yet. This Deep Cleansing Exfoliator is the "most thorough" of the bunch, meaning in my opinion it has the most noticeable peeling effect after only one use, providing a deep-down skin renewal and refined texture. Due to menthol being one of the ingredients this peeling has an ultra-fresh effect, while the grape pulp deeply moisturizes and soothes. Compared to Kiko's, this feels more like 'whipped cream’ in texture, with fresh and fruity notes of grapefruit and white peach for an uplifting and satisfying aroma.

The 3D lifting gommage was the first product I tried by the brand Kiko. This exfoliating renewing scrub is a purple cream with small but effective exfoliating granules. Compared to the one from Caudalie this has smaller granules and in my opinion it's gentle enough to use everyday. This is in fact something I picked up in an Into the Gloss interview: exfoliating everyday just might make the difference for you, too! One of our readers asked me after this post how I take care of my skin and I honestly think that exfoliating often has changed a lot for me: my pores are less clogged, people actually comment on that "glow" and I don't feel the need to cover my bare skin with heavy foundations. It's definitely an improvement for me.

The enzym peeling powder* by the natural cosmetics brand Kneipp is my most recent peeling, and compared to the other two it has an exfoliating effect without mechanical friction. I wet a little amount of the powder in my palm and apply it on my slightly moist face, massaging it with light circular movements. After a couple minutes it dries with a white finish and can be removed with lukewarm water after 5-10 minutes. The enzymes gently dissolve dead skin cells, leaving a silky soft feeling. As I know some people don't use peeling products with granules in them, arguing it leaves tiny scratches on the skin's surface, this enzym powder is a less harsh alternative and due to the ingredients (without preservatives such as parabens, without silicone and mineral oils etc.) safe to use even on sensitive skin.

Which are your top face scrubs at the moment? I'd love to receive some tips!

*This product was provided to me by the manufacturers or their PR company for consideration on Styleseeking Zurich.

Nov 23, 2013

Agent Provocateur: Soirée Collection

Now that the festive season is just around the corner, every street, every shop, simply everything appear luxurious, glitzy and fancy. But as you might know, Agent Provocateur's nightwear lines always seem to keep up with the atmosphere of a festal term.
Here are some impressions of the beautiful and ridiculously sexy Soirée Collection AW13!
Names of the lingerie from left to right:

Liu Liu, Mei, Gulia, Mei Dress

Liu Liu

Combination of Solane and Lenara

Gulia, Mei Dress, Samarra

Shoes by De Siena
Have a look at the whole Soirée collection here!


Nov 22, 2013

C&A on the move

Neslihan and I were quite astonished when we received an invitation from C&A to attend their blogger shopping event in the flagship store in Paris! Although C&A is very present in Switzerland, the brand itself isn't perceived as that young and trendy in the fashion scene. So, we got curious and wanted to know what was behind the new concept. Since Neslihan unfortunately couldn't fly to Paris due to schedule overlaps, I decided to head over to the city of love on my own!

A nice welcome at the hotel, a quick selfie and I was good to go!

The shopping-party started off with lots of sweet treats...
and gift cards to shop on the spot.
As soon as you walk in the store you realize straightaway how roomy and bright it is. I really have to grant this point since the C&A shops in Zurich appear somehow dark and gloomy.

I was also positively surprised by the great assortment they had displayed - I esp. hearted all the knitwear, fluffy sweaters and cardigan jackets, which are all at a reasonable price. It was my very first time thinking of C&A in a different way!
Everyone was so busy picking out their favorite pieces - not only C&A is on the move; guests and bloggers were also on the move and driven by the fresh makeover!
Above you might recognize one or the other - many bloggers across Europe came together! It is always a pleasure to meet people with the same hobby and experience together a start of something new.
Among others, I had a lovely chat with Jocelina from Pink Chocolate Break.

23rd of November is the big day!
C&A 23, rue Madeleine Vionnet, 93300 Paris, France
Oh, and imagine every single guest holding up to three big pink shopping bags - we called it the pink invasion.
The 24h-marathon in Paris was crazy, but I'm glad I popped by C&A's flagship store. Now that I know C&A's potential, I can genuinely say that they have great pieces of every price range. I really hope Switzerland catches up on the new makeover as soon as possible!

Thank you C&A for having me!
Make sure to check out #cetaonthemove on Instagram for more photos of the event!

Nov 16, 2013

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich 2013: Backstage

Before the actual show I was invited to have a look at the backstage area to see all the models and makeup artists doing their magic. The atmosphere was much calmer than I thought it would be; everyone seemed to be realxed.

The most interesting part was to see the different makeup and hair styles, that was planned for the night and for the different collections - some of the models got curls...

...and some got their hair straightened.

What seemed to be laid-back at the beginning turned slowly into a fashion mayhem by having a closer look at the happenings. The makeup artists were concerned about the perfect fit and all the media people started to mingle among them.
But no matter what happens backstage, the show must go on. And in this case Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich 2013 really created a well-organized Opening Gala.

(all photos by me)
MBFDZ see you next year, hopefully :)

Nov 15, 2013

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich 2013: Opening Gala

Yesterday was the big night of the Opening Gala! In the first place, I was excited to meet the lucky winner of our giveaway and of course to attend the show! Here's a little recap of my night:
Schiffbau foyer: The quiet before the storm...

I met here my date for the night: Sweet Kristina from Beneath the Coat, who won the ticket! We straightly headed over to the VIP-Tent to sip some drinks and get to know each other as well as the brands behind the show.

Show: The actual show started off with Gabriele Colangelo. I loved his collection due to sophisticated accessories like oversized python clutches or geisha-like shoes.

LBD White: As you see below, LBD White used funky fabrics and gave classic evening dresses an interesting twist. I wasn't really into this collection though due to the certain "disco-flair", but I surely liked the variety of materials especially the see-through elements.

Zien: The overknee boots were somewhat surprising and definitely a key item of the whole Opening Gala Show. The designer, Maciej Zien, seemed to put effort in the diversity of colors and fabrics. Some of his pieces even had fine golden and silver details/lines, which I found very decent and elegant.

The fashion show ended with the collection of Felder Felder. The pieces presented were very sexy - I mostly couldn't fully relate to a whole outfit/dress, but the specialty of this collection lies in complex details like feather-inspired effects or intricate patterns. Oh, and can you spot Lena Gercke and Anja Leuenberger? :)

(the last four collages are a mix of photos by me and public pictures from cruzbeauty)

To wrap up the night, Zurich managed to bring high fashion to one big stage! I had a lovely time with Kristina and it was great running into other blogger friends I didn't see for a long time or collaboration partners we had so far!


Bold N Classy


This bold and classy statement necklace is one of the few necklaces left in our store S(e)oulish_42!
For more jewelry pieces click here! Check them out while you can ;)

Nov 8, 2013

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich 2013: Giveaway

As you might know, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich 2013 starts exactly in five days! Matching the occasion, Neslihan and I are hosting a special contest:
Join me (Mi-Ji) and accompany me through the night of the Mercedes-Benz Opening Gala, which takes place on November 13th here in Zurich. Don't you like the idea of attending the biggest Swiss Fashion-Event and experience couture at first hand? And as if that were not enough: Let's have a drink together in the VIP-Tent before the show starts!
How to participate:
Head over to our Facebook Fanpage and follow the simple instructions!
The giveaway ends November 11th, 2013 at noon 12pm!
I'm looking forward to attending the show with YOU!
Good luck!

*CLOSED - the winner has been informed!

Nov 7, 2013

Warm & Toasty Turtleneck


Instagram moments @miji_b
Cutest Essie nailpolish name ever: Warm & Toasty Turtleneck - from their latest winter collection 2013.

Nov 5, 2013

Black and nude

It's almost over - I won't be posting anymore pictures of sunny places for a while but instead brave the cold and hope to soon show some fall/winter looks. But as in this case it's mostly about little accessories such as a new bracelet and the perfect nude nail polish, I thought it wasn't that much out of place, what do you think? 

Bracelet: Stradivarius
Bag: Marni

Nail polish: Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Nudité

Top: Mango

Wishing you all a great mid week!

Nov 4, 2013

Scent for your soul

Your home should be a sanctuary for your soul, right? And if turned into a home with a marvellous scent, then you obviously created heaven on earth ;)
I recently came across JuwelKerze (jewel candle), which stands for high quality hand-crafted scented candles. On top of that, every candle includes either a pair of earrings or a ring worth 10-250 Euros.
I went for the Piña Colada flavor...

and let it burn for about 4 hours. Normally, it takes about 10-15 hours until you can pull out the aluminium package with the jewel in it (there's a mark behind the candle pointing out where the packet is). But in my case I was able to drag out the ring in a very short time. Use a tweezer to get the packet!
So, this is what I got - a silver ring with cubic zirconia ornaments in the amount of 50 Euros. Every jewel piece comes with a corresponding price tag. The probability of getting a ring or earrings of your taste is pretty low. Nevertheless, JuwelKerze manages to combine home fragrance and interior decoration with a girly touch by adding the idea of a hidden refined jewelry piece. I love the concept and shape of my candle - the aroma of Piña Colada lifts my mood in an instant! I think that JuwelKerze is the alternative to go for if you're looking for quality candles with a certain fun factor - and they're surely made with love.
There are also seasonal fragrances like gingerbread or roast apple. For more, check their online shop here!

*JuwelKerze and I have a discount code for you! Enter the following code: style10
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