Sep 14, 2013


Posting photographs from my short Italy vacation has the advantage that it now feels like I was actually there for longer than just 10 days. So I'm prolonging that feeling with these impressions from Montepulciano, yet another medieval and renaissance hill town in Tuscany.

We just made a very short trip to see the town and obviously for tastings of the world-famous vino nobile. I'm very inspired in these kinds of places and try to take in as much as possible, also through a lens to keep these memories forever.

On that day I wore a maxi dress I had bought last year, which I quite like because of the thin straps and the overlay detail on the front and back.

Dress: Manoukian

There are still a couple of posts left from Italy before you'll see fall clothing here on the blog but I hope you don't mind. Because I am not yet ready to switch from bright sunny days to gloomy weather and heavy layers that will soon become necessary...

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!



Marle said...

Such beautiful photos... There's nothing better than Tuscany <3

alltagsmoi said...

That looks beautiful! I have never been to places similar to that before. Maybe it's time to finally pay them a visit :)

Love, ina

Petite Saigon

Chloe said...

omgosh that looks amazing! What camera do you use?

A Cup of Nostalgia said...

Keep the Italy posts coming - I'm loving them :) The black dress looks really nice on you! Loving the hair and the big sunglasses too. Your photo editing is amazing - what software do you use?

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