Sep 18, 2013

Mediterranean beauty secrets

A lot of my fascinations and habits are rooted in my childhood. This random photograph taken in Tuscany about a month ago instantly evoked memories in me that I'd like to share with you. 

 It all began the first time I went with my parents to their olive grove on the Aegean cost in Turkey. I remember wandering between the trees under a sweltering sun, listening only with half an ear to the grown-ups talk about the properties and the upcoming harvest. Those trees were beautiful to me, maybe because they marked the landscape I so longed for when I was younger. When my parents were calling me to get in the car that day, I quickly picked a twig and pressed it later between the pages of my journal. I bet I would find that twig if I looked for my journals from those years... 

In Turkish cuisine extra virgin olive oil is widely used and rather heavy-handed, something I'm also guilty of I must admit. But from the golden liquid to the green and black olives - besides to the culinary pleasures they provide I also discovered early on the beauty benefits of olive oil. My late grandmother, with whom I was very close, would only use natural olive oil soap bars, even for washing her hair, telling me this was the reason why she never had grey hair even well after 70. Even though I doubted the magic she attributed to her beauty routines, I would take the soap bars and use them back home in Switzerland. Sometimes they had tiny crushed olive stones in them, being a cleanser and a body peeling in one. 

I love experimenting with natural products, often mixing my own peelings with sugar or salt, ground bean coffee, olive oil, sometimes with a little dollop of honey to get the right consistency. I just take pleasure in mixing these ingredients, knowing they are pure and basically safe enough to eat. So just like I did with coconut oil a while back, I looked for a couple more ways you could use extra virgin olive oil for pampering yourself and beaming yourself to the Mediterranean. 

  • Universal moisturizer: A lot of people use extra virgin olive oil sparingly as a facial moisturizer. Especially in winter when my skin gets drier I will try this out. Also olive oil can be used as a body oil.
  • Cuticle moisturizer: Just rub a tiny amout into your nailbeds and go to bed knowing you properly took care of your nails. 
  • Eye makeup remover: I guess this should be really effective with waterproof makeup.
  • Lip exfoliator: Mix a little bit of brown sugar with olive oil and honey.


vintage peony said...

I love olive oil's miracles(in foods as well) :)

Amy @ CLEAR / minimal said...

I tried to use olive oil as a face moisturizer a few years ago after reading about it online. I guess for some people it works really well but for me it was a disaster. It clogged my pores! When I had a facial, the woman asked me what I had done to my skin. Now I use jojoba oil, which I've read is very similar to the skins natural sebum.

Fifthfloorovergoldenhorn said...

This is an amazing picture and wonderful story <333

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