Sep 10, 2013

Five years ago today

Five years ago today there was the first post ever on Styleseeking Zurich. Probably not more than five people saw it on that day but it didn't matter to us - we had found a new hobby!

There wasn't much to see or read anyway, but see for yourself: MiJi's first post, then Nesli's and finally a couple of days later one from both of us together, marking our beginning. Five years, of which at least three were spent at the university where we studied together (1,2, 3), made future plans, and lots of outfit pictures on the school's premises (1, 2. 3.)

Shitty attitudes, moody nights, disappointments, home comings, fond memories, love notes, side blows, proud moments,... they're still all uncensored in the archives, all of the 936 posts. It felt good - and still does - to come back here from time to time, to publish something, and to be in touch with our readers and friends both on- and offline.

At this point, we would like to thank all our readers, collaboration partners, the ones who invited us to exciting events, the ones giving inputs and the ones who approach us in real life telling us they like what they read and see on our blog. Through all these interactions we had the opportunity to get in touch with many inspiring people and we even made new friends. These happenings made and still make blogging so much more interesting and valuable.

Each of us has reached different points in our lives now, but this blog always manages to makes us feel like freshmen at the university, where this journey began.

This was never a groundbreaking lifestyle blog, never something we tried to turn into more than what it was but simply this: our playground.
Happy anniversary Styleseeking Zurich!


Fifthfloorovergoldenhorn said...

Happy anniversary girls ! Keep writing you're one of my favorites !!! <333

Bestsmellers said...

So än härzigä you, girls! <3

zwillingsherz said...

ond emmer no eine vo mine absolute lieblingsblogs! happy birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing all this things with us!!

Regards form Spain :)

A Cup of Nostalgia said...

Been following the blog from 2009, girls :) I can honestly say that you two have influenced my style considerably. Keep up the good work!

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