Sep 25, 2013

After a day at the beach

A summer vacation doesn’t feel complete without a dip in the sea. Coming towards the end of our Italy vacation we had almost two days left to enjoy the Ligurian Riviera. These pictures were taken after a day spent at the beach near Sori.

Wet hair pulled in a high ponytail, freckles and a white top… a winning combination for a summer evening, don’t you think so? The next post will take us to Portofino and mark the official end of the Italy series… 



Gabrielle said...

Beautiful! very winning indeed :-) xxx

A Cup of Nostalgia said...

Nesliii, you must show us your skincare & makeup routine! Your skin looks soft and glowing :)A very beautiful, personal post!

Sharon said...

Wow! Amazing pictures & I really love that dress.

I always like visiting your blog! It's very interesting & you have a great style.

Hope to welcome you on my blog.

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