Aug 18, 2013

Deep exfoliation

I have written before about my love for deep exfoliation and it is a once/twice a week neccessity for me, be it a homemade scrub or this wonderfully and strangely gourmet looking one from Caudalie I bought recently to slough off everything and be ready for some tanning action in Italy (not that we had a beach vacation but anyway), it's always a good idea to do so before you're exposed to the sun.

Developed at their Vinothérapie Spa in Bordeaux/France, Caudalie's signature grape-rich scrub is blended with exfoliating grape-seeds, rich honey, softening brown sugar and essential oils. Sounds very delicious to me and I love hopping into the shower and come out with skin so delightfully smooth and nourished. In my book, Sunday's are made for healing the soul, be it through cooking and baking deliciousness (see the "Kitchen Heals Soul" tag) or pampering yourself in the bathroom. What are you waiting for?


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A Cup of Nostalgia said...

I love Caudalie! Been trying out the foam cleanser - it's so gentle! This scrub looks good enough to eat haha. Do you have any DIY scrubs you use for the face?

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