Jul 21, 2013

The stylish brow

I always thought Turkish girls tend to have insanely beautiful brows. I mean not those overly plucked and painted ones but naturally quite thick and well-groomed brows that frame the face in a very flattering way. For instance these two gorgeous Turkish (blogger) ladies are a perfect example in my opinion  (1, 2). I on the other hand don't fall into that category. True, my eyebrows are not very high-maintenance, in fact I so rarely pluck them (often I simply forget or don't think it's necessary) and have never had a professional reshape, cut or groom them. Still I always found them a bit sparse and not long enough. I remember a few years ago asking MiJi "Chingu*, do I look different today?" and she examined my face, saying something looked different but she couldn't exactly pin-point what it was. I had penciled in my brows and was absolutely happy with how much more defined they looked! Until this day doing my brows has become an indispensable part of my daily makeup routine. In fact so much so that I'd rather skip mascara than doing my eyebrows if I'm in a hurry!

A couple of months ago I have been sent these brow products by MAC (The stylish brow collection) and have added the pencil in my daily kit. I know that a lot of people use powders and gels and I look forward to trying out these options as well. If you never tried to define your brows, I definitely recommend you pick up a product and start exploring because it truly makes such a difference to your overall look. Above you see my bare brows without anything and below a bit more defined using the Velux Brow Liner in Deep Dark Brunette. It glides on nice and smooth, with a rich powdery formula. I'm definitely not an expert but to me, there is a huge difference between the before and after picture, I just feel more confident seeing myself with more enhanced eyebrows.

The pencils and gelcremes weren't limited edition (I think) so if you need help reshaping your brows or in choosing the right product for your needs, I'm sure the lovely girls at the MAC counter are happy to help. 

* means "friend" in Korean (I think), we often refer to each other by this term.


Katerina said...

Oh ich liebe auch schön geformte und definierte Augenbrauen, es steht dir übrigens super, wenn du deine Augenbrauen auffüllst, dein Gesicht bekommt sofort den nötigen "Rahmen".


Elisa @ Crazy, Amazing Life said...

I absolutely agree! Even when I am in a hurry and only have time for a tiny bit of mascara and lip gloss, I now take a minute to fill in my eyebrows. I use the Tarte brow kit, but it recently fell and the box broke so now I have to hold it close with a hairband, and I was just thinking of looking into a new one.... so this post couldn't be more timely. Will check out the MAC kit, thank you Nesli!

Emily said...

Your brows look great!!! I always like to have my eyebrows done.


Anonymous said...

So stylish and looking gorgeous!

A Cup of Nostalgia said...

I never forget to do my brows each morning - so important, especially since my brows are thick and dense. I love Oriental/Eastern eyebrows too, when done properly.

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