May 26, 2013

Sunday's Recipe: Spring risotto with asparagus and lemon

I'm sure everyone who lives in a country where it's been (and still is) very cold for this time of year yearns for some spring sunshine. This recipe might help to tide you over until that with a comforting creamy risotto and my all time favorite spring vegetables - asparagus - beautifully complemented with lemon zests.

The recipe for this was slightly adapted from this site (I like to add onions and garlic in my risotto) and instead of using accurate measurements I just eyeballed the ingredients. While you're blanching your chopped asparagus, prepare your risotto according to your go-to recipe.

Next, chop the arugula leaves and grate the parmesan and lemon.

Stir in everything into the rice and add lemon juice to taste. Grate some more parmesan and lemon on top before serving. Enjoy!



meghan silva said...

That looks so very delicious , have to try it .

Aylin said...

Deine Food-Photography sieht so toll aus!

Jen said...

wow <3 das sieht sehr sehr lecker aus

helen's blog said...

Very delicious recipe!!

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