May 30, 2013

Thursday's Beauty Post: Coconut Oil

A while back, MiJi posted a picture of this jar of coconut oil we both ordered from Biomazing, where you can finds lots of other natural and organic skin care products. I've been using coconut oil in the kitchen for some time now and always wanted to use it for skin care as well. There are apparently lots of benefits of including coconut oil in your daily diet but I was curious to find out how it can be used for beauty purposes and here's just some of them: 

  • conditioning hair mask: Since I have really dry ends, I warm some coconut oil in my hands and work the oil into the dry parts of my hair. Then I let it soak in for a couple of hours (or overnight) and wash as usual. 
  • lip balm: Totally safe to lick off and re-apply as needed.
  • skin moisturizer: I love coconut oil as an all-over body moisturizer. It is said to reduce stretch marks and prevent any new ones but I can't say much about that except that it leaves my skin silky smooth and tropically smelling. Usually I apply it on damp skin to lock in as much moisture as possible.
  • body scrub: You could mix some sugar or salt (whichever you prefer) and make a paste with a bit of coconut oil. I have yet to try this but I'm sure I'll love it just like any other homemade body scrub
  • eye makeup remover: If you don't mind the oiliness, this might be a perfect natural alternative for you. Especially effective to remove waterproof mascara. 

I have been using this jar for about 6 months regularly and have been only half through, so a little goes definitely a long way.This is one of the products I woul keep purchasing because it's so multifunctional. Do you also have these kind of multi-purpose products you swear by?

May 27, 2013


This week I'm going to post a couple of outfits I wore some weeks ago but actually it doesn't matter when I wore this because it could as well be years ago (click here for a similar look 3 years ago). What I mean is that classics such as a long navy blazer and a tan leather shopper will always be classics in my book. Here I paired them with a black skirt & white shirt and added this beautiful necklace my sister gifted me.

Blazer: Joseph Alain Scherrer Creationen
Shirt: Mango
Skirt: Zara
Necklace: FiliNi
Leather shopper: c/o Rothirsch

Zalando: Dune Provence

May 26, 2013

Sunday's Recipe: Spring risotto with asparagus and lemon

I'm sure everyone who lives in a country where it's been (and still is) very cold for this time of year yearns for some spring sunshine. This recipe might help to tide you over until that with a comforting creamy risotto and my all time favorite spring vegetables - asparagus - beautifully complemented with lemon zests.

The recipe for this was slightly adapted from this site (I like to add onions and garlic in my risotto) and instead of using accurate measurements I just eyeballed the ingredients. While you're blanching your chopped asparagus, prepare your risotto according to your go-to recipe.

Next, chop the arugula leaves and grate the parmesan and lemon.

Stir in everything into the rice and add lemon juice to taste. Grate some more parmesan and lemon on top before serving. Enjoy!


May 20, 2013

Snow White Earstuds

New in our S(e)oulish_42 assortment: Snow White Earstuds
Click here!


May 7, 2013

Red Hair & Neon Fun

Instagram moments @miji_b
left: my new red hair, right: necklace from Korea, L'Oréal & Maybelline Lipsticks in vivid colors
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