Apr 28, 2013

Sunday's Recipe: Creamy chicken and broccoli calzone

These days my favorite place to look for new recipes is Pinterest. It's funny how you sometimes stumble upon something you didn't even know you were looking for, but as soon as you see it you just know it's a perfect match. In this case, it was a perfect match of ingredients the recipe called for and our leftovers. I had made a bit too much of my favorite pizza dough and was looking for a non-traditional way to use it up with some veggies I had in my fridge. Enter the creamy chicken and broccoli calzones by Bev Weidner posted on her blog Bev cooks. Everything sounded so delicious that I didn't want to change up much, I only added some mushrooms into the mix. My favorite part about this recipe is that I got to try out a mouthwateringly delicious sauce - that is only if you're a garlic person. I can totally see this white sauce working for pasta variations as well.

Click here for my favorite pizza dough recipe (in german) that you let rest in the fridge for two days (if you can resist, but it's totally worth it!)

a very creamy roasted garlic sauce - yum!

I prefered blanching the broccoli before folding the calzone but I guess it's not really necessary. Do as you please (or how much time you have on your hands).

Bake in the oven and enjoy your homemade calzone.



meghan silva said...

Looks so very delicious!

Meghan Silva's Blog

Bestsmellers said...

Roasted garlic?! I'm in!!

Dimitri said...

Beautiful photography! It looks so yummy...

Zuricher58 said...

Yammy, Yammy. Looks very delicious.
Do you use organic chicken?

A Cup of Nostalgia said...

Looks ridiculously good!

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