Feb 4, 2013

Pastel lavender lips

I'm really curious to see how these shades will look on me, which are from the new Viva Glam collection for which MAC teamed up again with Nicki Minaj. They should be available mid-February in Switzerland if you're tempted to try them as well.

I hope you're week starts out well!


Tine said...

Great colours, please show some pictures then!

Aylin said...

Tragefotos bitte :)

R's Rue said...

Lovely color!

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

I absolutely love the shade of these products. I think I'm way too pale to pull them off, but I bet they look amazing on you!

Mens Fashion Online in Adelaide said...

Nice color, dude i want this..:)

Unknown said...

Love the color!

From Spain!

meghan silva said...

That looks like a gorgeous colour gotta get my hands on it.

xo Meg<3

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