Feb 4, 2013

Pastel lavender lips

I'm really curious to see how these shades will look on me, which are from the new Viva Glam collection for which MAC teamed up again with Nicki Minaj. They should be available mid-February in Switzerland if you're tempted to try them as well.

I hope you're week starts out well!

Feb 1, 2013

Ombré hair at home with L'Oréal

 I always found ombré hair more approporiate for sunnier months, because it reminds me of naturally lightened hair. In an attempt to give my hair a sunkissed look, escape the winter blues and make spring come faster I decided to use the at home dye-kit by *L'Oréal Préférance called Wild Ombrés No. 1 with a little help from my sister. The kit comes with 2 creams, the lightening cream and developer cream, as well as the lightening powder and conditioning shampoo.The kit also includes gloves, an applicator brush and an instruction manual. Below you can see step by step pictures taken during the process...

1. First I thoroughly brushed my hair in order to not have any annoying knots and splitted my hair in two equal parts. This makes it easier to brush through your hair with the dye afterwards.

2. The kit doesn't include some sort of cover-up so I used a pelerine to cover my shoulders. 

3. Now you can uncover the developer cream bottle and add the lightening powder to the cream. Also open the lightening cream tube and squeeze out the product into the developer bottle. Now shake thoroughly so that the three products are well mixed. Next you load the brush with the dye so that all parts are covered. Don't forget to wear the gloves provided in the kit!

4. Decide where you want to ombré look to start. Usually they advise to go from your ear or chin downwards - depending the lenght of your hair - which we did more or less. It's not important to be very careful since you don't want to have any harsh lines. Just make sure you don't just brush the dye over your top hair but also go in with the brush und do the hair underneath. 

5. They say to let the color develop itself for 25 to 45 minutes. Since I didn't want an ombré effect as strong as on the box, I washed my hair after 40 minutes with the shampoo that came with the kit. 

So far I am actually very happy with the result. I like that the ombré effect isn't as strong as on the box, but keeping in mind that I had the dye on for the amount of time advised, I'd suggest you use the kit for lighter hair if you want lighter tips. Now is just need to take extra care of the ends of my hair since coloring usually makes my hair a bit drier.

*L'Oréal Préférance Wild Ombrés is available in Switzerland starting February 2013. This product was provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR company for consideration on Styleseeking Zurich.
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