Dec 18, 2012

Same old

When it gets very cold I often end up being dressed very casual and comfortable in dark pieces, as it was the case on a particularly freezing and windy day last week. I am having quite some fun with my manicures though as you can see in the second picture. When everything else I'm wearing feels kind of blah, the colors on my nails provide the much needed change.

Beanie: made by my mom
Bag: Liebeskind
Boots: Buffalo
everything else: Zara

OPI Tickle my France-y and Essie Beyond Cozy 


Unknown said...

Hi dear, you are gorgeous !!

love your look !

Tine said...

Sehr hübsch!

Mimmi said...

Love the Liebeskind bag and the beanie! How practical to have a mom that can knit you clothes. She should start a web shop:) Jokes aside, thanks for a great blog!

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