Dec 10, 2012

Monday's Beauty Post: Silk Cocoons

Silk for your skin - this is my first time trying out silk cocoons to exfoliate and massage my face. It feels very soothing and it's fun to explore new options of anti-aging products. The pure silk contains the protein sericin, which helps to prevent skin aging.
How to use: Place the cocoon on to the end of your fingertip and damp it with warm water. Then gently massage your face or spots of your face. The cocoon can be used 2-3 times.

You can get the beauty silk cocoons at the!
(all beauty products from the twist are organic!)

Anyone already using beauty silk cocoons?


DEA said...

I´ve never even heard that you can use silk cocoons for taking care of your skin. I must try that! Sounds interesting!

alltagsmoi said...

Das ist wirklich eine ungewohnte Methode! Der Seidenkokon fühlt sich bestimmt angenehm an, aber irgendwie schreckt mich der Gedanke an einen Kokon doch etwas ab... ^^'

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