Dec 3, 2012

Monday's Beauty Post: Hair Colorant

I needed a break from school and work and decided to dye my hair this weekend! It's been quite a while since I wanted a dark cherry shade. After doing some research I went for Garnier dark blueberry, the result: A myriad of shades! Depending on light color, incidence of light, daylight - the color scheme goes from complete black to violet, reddish-brown and cherry. First I was pretty overwhelmed, but now I really like the variety of shades. It's not as flashy as it seems, it's rather discrete. Since I have no experience with red coloration I don't know if it's the norm, but if you like the playful character of it then I really recommend this product. Minus points are the pretty intense smell and excess hair color when you wash your hair though..
Nevertheless, with all these different tones I won't get tired of the coloration easily :)


Congrats! You are in good company! said...

Try also Syoss! Did it and it worked perfectly.

Styleseeking Zurich said...

I read reviews about it as well..I almost decided to get syoss..! Well, I'm glad you recommend it - next time I will definitely go for syoss ^^


alltagsmoi said...

Der Lilaton sieht super aus! Ich sollte mir auch einmal wieder die Haare färben... ;)

Liebe Grüße,

Hot Magenta Blog said...

Did you first decolored your hair? I want to go for a dark red, cherry maroon kind of color but I don't want to lighten my hair to do that. I got brown/dark brown.

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