Nov 21, 2012

I am my hair


My hairstyles, cuts and colors over the past 4 years..
Long hair was always my thing until a year ago - I decided to cut off almost 20cm when I was in Seoul for my exchange semester. I was so sick and tired of my ultra long hair (look at the photo where I'm wearing a beanie) and I was seeking a more sophisticated and edgy look. So right after my arrival in Seoul I went to the hairdresser. But to be honest I couldn't let them chop off all my hair right away - yes, I was nervous and insanely scared. I was afraid of getting a new look and for any reason I always thought that short hair wouldn't suit me. So I let my hairdresser trim off 10cm to start my new look. By the end of my stay in South Korea I was getting so fond of my new hair that I cut off more and more and even dyed my hair. The hair trimming was therefore rather a process than one radical step. I dared to change my look and I'm so glad that I did it since I'm not the type who changes hairstyles that often and in a drastic way. Of course, from time to time I long for my long hair but for now I'm pretty content with the length. Right before I came back to Zurich I toned down the hair color a little bit and I'm thinking about getting a new shade..
Do you change your hairstyle often? Have you ever done something radical in order to get a new look?

(I finally(!) started instagram (#miji_b) hoping to be more active and to upload inspiring and more personal photos like Neslihan (#nesdem) already does!) 



An Act of Style said...

That little bun of yours is so cute :) <3

alltagsmoi said...

Your short hair looks a lot more mature than the long style! I did change my hairstyle a lot in the past, but these days I'm sticking to my current length. But I'm already thinking about some change... As I'm not used to sticking to one hairstyle, I kind of got bored of my current one already ^^'

Anonymous said...

staht dir super din neue haarschnitt. villicht liehts ja au chli a ois asians, dass mer oisi mähne eifach ungern verabschiedet aber ich find, es staht dir echt hammerguet! zu churz würd i nöd aber diä längi bis ca. no 4-5 cm länger findi mega! und btw: sovill händ ihri haar uf diä längi schnitte, all diä blogger girls und dä hype chund nöd vo ungefähr;-)
also enjoy it!

Tatjana said...

beautiful hair ∆ .

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