Oct 19, 2012

Friday's Inspiration: Brown Eye Make Up

Source: streetfsn

I'm looking for a brown matte eyeshadow to recreate the looks you can see above. I prefer brown shades over any other color. Right now I'm using a matte dark brown eyeshadow for my lower lash line and I want to find a lighter tone such as a chocolate shade to blend it out and also for the upper lids. I heard that MAC has highly pigmented eyeshadows..Any experience with their eye products? What else could you recommend?


Anonymous said...

Ich benutze für solche Looks die Paint Pots von Mac... da ich sehr helle Haut habe reicht "Groundwork" aus... gibt es im Jelmoli!

LaCeva said...

haven't had any MAC-product till today as I need hyperalergic products especially for the eyes, but i have a nice eyeshadow from clinique called "sable". it's matt and a nice brown colour with a slight warm touch and looks quite like the one of your first pic. hope it's what you're looking for!

Styleseeking Zurich said...

@anonymous and LaCeva:
thanks a lot for your advice! I'll definitely keep my eyes open for MAC and Clinique!


Anne said...

Benefit has a great one! and it lasts a looooong time

Unknown said...

Ich habe mir erst vor kurzem ein Lidschattentrio von IsaDora gekauft. Es heisst 86 Leopard und hat schöne Brauntöne & starke Pigmentierung, lässt sich aber auch gut verblenden :)

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