Sep 30, 2012

Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin

..That, or a kick-ass red lipstick. - Gwyneth Paltrow
I used to be the 'I can't leave the house without my eyeliner' girl, but nowadays I'm focused on my lips more than ever. To be more precise I barely leave the house without colored lips. As you can see above I really enjoy violet/fuchsia shades - in the photo I'm wearing L'Oréal Rouge Caresse Rock n Mauve No. 203.
L'Oréal offers now a broader palette of colors of the Rouge Caresse line and even launched a new model called Shine Caresse! This model comes with an applicator, but branding it as a lipgloss would be too easy. It is more a mix of lipstick, gloss and tint. It gives your lips a shiny effect but the color lasts longer such as a tint. Shine Caresse includes eight different shades - guess which one's my fave..?
Shine Caresse from left to right: Milady 402, Eve 400, Marilyn 103, Romy 102, Bonnie 501, Juliet 300

*these products were provided to us by the manufacturer or their PR company for consideration on Styleseeking Zurich


I don't bother you - don't bother me.

 New in: Jacket from H&M, Vintage Necklace

Sep 19, 2012

Wednesday's Inspiration: Lunch Bag

Source: Hypebeast
How cool is this Jil Sander leather lunch bag from the 2012 F/W collection? I'd love to call this clutch my own..

Sep 16, 2012

If it's supposed to happen, it will

Neslihan's out of the country right now for the next 3 weeks and I'm back from Seoul, South Korea - not really sure if I'm glad to be back in my home town.. I was away for 7 months and I guess it takes a while until I settle into my old life. It's been a crazy exchange semester at Yonsei University with lots of ups and downs and memorable moments. I will upload soon a few images from my stay in Seoul! But for now: 2 recent favorite items - smurf beanie & transparent cluth. Both products are from local shops in Seoul.
Have a good start into the new week!


Sep 15, 2012

Elevator snapshots: summer to fall transition looks

As I will be going to India for three weeks in a couple of hours I thought it's a good timing to post some recent office elevator outfit snapshots posted on Instagram (@nesdem). I am so looking forward to this change of scenery and will keep on snapping elevator pictures upon my return. But before that there'll certainly be lots of travel pictures from India and maybe, just maybe even a picture of me wearing a saree...

Take care!

Jacket and top: Zara
Jeans: Lee
Slingbacks: Zara
Bag: Maison Mollerus

Shirt: Naf Naf
Shorts: H&M

Dress and belt: Zara
Peeptoes: Bata

Blazer: Zara
Chambray shirt: Promod
Jeans: Mango
Boots: Buffalo

Jacket:, Top and scarf: Zara

Jacket: Mango
Top, skirt: and flats: Zara

Blazer and shoes: Zara
Shirt and trousers: Mango

Sep 12, 2012

Hair confessions: Illumina Color

Coloring my hair brings up memories of my teenage years, where I would buy at home dye because the model on the package looked gorgeous, in hopes that I would not only resemble her hair color-wise but having her general gorgeousness rubbed off myself. Needless to say many of my experiments at home were rather traumatizing, even one time my dad couldn't bear my tears anymore and drove to every open store on a Sunday to buy a color that should fix the orange desaster I made. Growing up I learned that I couldn't achieve the desired results at home and treated myself to a coloring at the hairdresses, from dark blond to dark brown I tried a few colors. Then about three years ago I decided to go the natural way and left my hair uncolored. I said to myself that I rather enjoy my natural color until the greys creep upon me. And they did eventually, but still not as numerous that would justify a full head coloring. I was more interested in keeping my hair color luminous and healthy, enjoying the occasional highlights resulting from sunny summers.

When I was invited to a press event organized by Wella to reveal their new coloring innovation Illumina Color I felt right away that we would speak the same language. Luminous, sheer and iridescent colors that look better than your natural hair color? Count me in! The new, slightly cooler color schemes are achieved with their new innovative microlight technology, blocking oxidation and leaving the hair surface healthy and transparent. I was really stunned to see all the research and development that went into this breakthrough product. Since I saw comparison pictures on how this coloring treated hair as gentle as possible, I was up for a change myself.

The Illumina brand ambassador Bruno Niggli and his team examined my hair and offered me, the one who is always on the fence whether to go lighter or darker, their advice. They wouldn't suggest to go as dark as I always adore on other people but rather just go a shade darker, which will already result in a change for me as the tips of my hair were naturally lighter.

It's hard to show the difference in pictures as my original hair color looked darker in these but in person the change is quite obvious. I really loved the end result which looks very natural and the iridescent color accents were visible even though it was an overcast day. I can honestly say that I was never happier with a salon coloring before. I'm excited to see how the color keeps itself and in the meantime I'll take proper care of it to minimize fading.

Illumina Color is being offered since the beginning of this month in Switzerland by professional hair salons carrying Wella products. If you're interested in natural shades that don't look artificial at all, check to see if your hair dresser of choice carries this new range. 


Eden Rouge

Just a very short post showing the simple outfit I wore past Saturday to get some fresh air after a night of partying. I couldn't be bothered to do a full face makeup but instead wore sunglasses and MAC Eden Rouge on the lips. To keep my outfit from looking too unkempt I threw on this H&M necklace for some sparkle.

Top: Vero Moda
Skirt: Zara
Bag: Liebeskind
Necklace: H&M


Sep 10, 2012

MAC's Styleseeker Collection

A while ago I mentioned MAC's new fall colour collection when I showed you Gadabout Girl, a blackened plum nail polish. I was particularly keen on trying the Mattene Lipsticks which I never wore before. These very pigmented liptsicks are very long wearing and feel comfortable on the lips. I chose Eden Rouge, a matte blue based red lipstick which is fast becoming my favorit red at the moment. To balance out my collection I also went for Fun Finds, which is this matte light nude pink which probably looks gorgeous on a lot of women but I am just not the type for it. As my lips are naturally quite pigmented this particular shades doesn't do me any favors but I'll still keep it around for when I go for a super dramatic eye makeup.

This fall collection inspired by the spirit and style of a global wanderer includes lovely eyeshadow duos that complement each other so well, new fluidline shades, lipglasses, nail polishes and blushes. I never tire of a lovely coral and this one above named Supercontinental is very flattering on me.

The Styleseeker collection is now available at MAC counters and I think it's definitely worth checking out the lovely products in person.

*these products were provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR company for consideration on Styleseeking Zurich
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