Aug 25, 2012

Gadabout Girl

Lounging at home felt really great today but I'm also restless and need to go out tonight. Tried on a new nail polish I got this week from MAC with the very appropriate name Gadabout Girl, soon available as a part of the Styleseeker Collection. More on the new fall collection to follow. 
Have a lovely weekend! 


Aug 22, 2012

Elevator snapshots

Ever since I started working fulltime I wasn't able to dedicate much time to blogging. As a result of my instagram obsession (@nesdem) I started posting pictures of my work outfits taken in the elevator. I work in an office where we don't have strict clothing policy as long as the day doesn't include client meetings. So especially during the last couple of weeks where it was so hot I wore lots of things many can't wear in an office environment. Just after my studies I imagined myself wearing pencil skirts and suits every day and welcomed this idea as a change to my student self. But actually now that I ended up in a more relaxed atmosphere (at least dresscode-wise) I feel very lucky about it. 

So here are the daily office outfits, the infamous elevator snapshots from now tagged on Instagram with #elevatoroutfit. I plan on posting a bunch of them occasionally here. Surely many of you take pictures in the elevator as well. Care to join with the hashtag #elevatoroutfit?

Top: Naf Naf
Peplum skirt: Koton
Sunglasses: Yves Saint Laurent
Bag: Mollerus

Silk top: secondhand
Skirt: Zara
Bag: Manor
Necklace: secondhand

Parka: Zara
T Shirt: Danny Roberts/Borders&Frontiers Girls In Glasses
Lace skirt: H&M
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Flats: from a local shop in Italy

Top: Zara
Shorts: H&M
Leather shopper: Rothirsch
Sandals: Pieces

Dress: Vero Moda

Top: Mango 
Lace skirt: Massimo Dutti
Belt: secondhand
Bag: Asos
Sandals: Pieces

Top and trousers: H&M
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sandals: Zara
Necklace: from a local shop in Argentina

Aug 16, 2012

Thursday's Beauty Post: Guerlain "La petite robe noire"

Can you imagine a women's garment more iconic than the little black dress? We all have at least one lifesaver in our closets than can be worn to the office as well as to a promising date. There was a lot of anticipation before the launch of Guerlain's re-interpretation of their perfume La petite robe noire and I was keen to find out how the mystery of the little black dress would be captured in a scent. I was extremely excited when I received my bottle of the new version some time ago and even though summer was just beginning and I switched to lighter scents that are imperative in hot temperatures, I was so tempted to smell this on my skin.

The new version is said to be fresher, subtler and more luminous than its predecessor. I can't compare the two but this version - a fruity floral - includes notes such as patchouli, almond, red fruits, rose, smoked black tea, tonka bean, vanilla and iris. The first whiff is quite strong to me and even though the opening is fruity and very alluring, it is not something I would wear during summer. It is a very sensual and seducing fragrance, quite sweet and dark at the same time. I can picture myself wearing this on a crisp autumn evening, the scents of summer's black cherries and roses in perfect harmony with autumns warmth suggested by the smoked black tea and vanilla, blending beautifully and leaving a signature trail with every step I take in my stilettos...

Available in Switzerland starting August 27th 2012

 *this product was provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR company for consideration on Styleseeking Zurich

Aug 13, 2012

Monday's Detail: DIY neon bracelet

Do you want to add a pop of neon to your outfit? This might be the easiest diy!
Take a rhinestone bracelet or necklace you want to transform. Then pick the nail polish colors and start painting the areas you have in mind. I like to put on two coats..

Nail polish - c/o L'Oréal Color Riche 210 Shocking Pink, 303 Lush Tangerine

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